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    Draft or FA? (How to fill the needs)

    I'm going to start with the premise that the Rams top five needs (in no particular order) this offseason are:

    An interior O lineman (G or C)
    A pass rushing DE
    A big LB (MLB or SLB)
    A big DT
    Upgrade at safety (FS or SS)

    Now, my second premise is that the Rams will be able to fill these needs with 1 high priced FA (i.e. Will Witherspoon last year), 1 mid-priced FA (i.e. Fakhir Brown last year), and three first day draft choices.

    My question is, if you were drawing up an offseason blueprint (recognizing that availability of quality player might force you to ultimately alter the blueprint in practice), what would your plan be for using these five opportunities to acquire a player to fill the five positions of need?

    Here's mine:

    HPFA: Interior Lineman
    With a lot of youth on the line, the Rams need an experienced guy inside. Eric Steinbach would be a very nice addition here.

    MPFA: Big DT
    Drafting DTs is tough, as they are hard to scout and often take a while to develop. I'd wait for the secondary FA market to find a guy with some experience and some size. Maybe even a guy like Keith Traylor who, at age 38, is having a pretty good year anchoring the Dolphins' run D.

    D1: Pass rushing DE
    While I like what Victor Adeyanju brings to the table as a run stopper, the Rams really need another top notch pass rusher to place opposite Leonard Little.

    D2: MLB or SLB
    Historically, quality players at this position often last to the second round (recently, DeMeco Ryans, Lofa Tatupu). A player to add to the rotation with Witherspoon and Pisa would give the Rams a quality and young LB corps.

    D3: Safety
    Chavous is adequate and Atogwe still has some upside. That said, some competition and depth would be nice. Worth a third rounder.

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    Re: Draft or FA? (How to fill the needs)

    I would go like this:


    MFPA-MLB-(move Witherspoon to the outside LB Position)




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    Re: Draft or FA? (How to fill the needs)

    HPFA: DT [Tommy Kelly]

    MPFA: DE [Charles Grant, DeWayne White, Justin Smith]

    DL is just to hard to draft with so many of them becoming busts.

    LPFA: OG/C [Montrae Holland}

    1st: S Laron Landry

    2nd: LB David Harris

    3rd: OT Daniel Inman

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    Re: Draft or FA? (How to fill the needs)

    I think AV's right. A line of Pace/Steinbach/Incognito/SET/ Barron would be extraordinarily formidable. Steinbach as high priced FA.

    Justin Smith, with his pedigree, i'm assuming will be a high priced FA as will Charles Grant due to his solid and consistent play, so they're out. I'm turning to the draft, Round 1, for a DE. I'm looking the way of Quentin Moses between picks 9-15. Dwight Freeney may be available at the end of the year, as he's picked up 2 bonuses on his contract, voiding the final 2 years of his contract extension, signed in 2002. If he by change becomes available, we get him. We get him now, and go DT or OG in R1.

    I'm not big on free-agent safeties at the moment, (cough* epic Sehorn relapse* cough) so that becomes another In-draft need. I'll say Round three... anyone BUT Brandon Merriweather. HOWEVER- there is a strong Chance Michhael Lewis, Gibril Wilson, and Ken Hamlin become available at the end. Lewis, a SS by nature, who has fallen out in Philly, is my choice of the bunch.

    A mid price DT we could target is Bigman Terrel Sands, currently playing well in Oakland.6'7, 335 lbs, MONSTER. If not, again we turn to the draft in round 1 only, targeting Alan Branch only.

    OL, again, top target is Steinbach, or Vincent Mawuni (sp?) from Jacksonville. In draft targets are Justin Blalock, among others.

    LB possibilities are Paul Poz from Linebacker U, and Adaleus Thomas out oof Baltimore as a MPFA.

    I therefore have 2 alternatives:

    HPFA- Eric Steinbach, OG, Cincinatti
    MPFA- Terrel Sands, DT, Oakland
    Rd1- Quentin Moses
    Rd2- SLB, BPA,
    R3- SS, BPA


    HPFA- Dwight F
    MPFA- Mawunai
    MPFA- Lewis, SS, Philly
    Rd1(Trade up)- Alan Branch
    R2- SLB, BPA


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