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    The Draftnik Game

    To me the biggest and most rewarding part of being a draftnik is when guys you like also were higher on team's boards than some other fans thought, and even some analysts, and some highly touted ones you don't like drop like rocks on draft day.

    The Closer your top 15, top 32, top 50 are to who actually went there is how i judge my draft year opinions.

    Of course maybe the team taking my guy early will be as wrong as I was for liking the guy so much, but a lot of factors go into a true bust.

    This year, I was most on point with Lane Johnson, who I said would never get past pick 5, Eric Reid, who I was very high on from the start, Barkevious Mingo, and DeAndre Hopkins all went earlier than their detractors expected, and Eddie Lacey, who I felt was a mid to late #2 went right there, and as I though Leveon bell, the guy I really liked, might be the best of the lot this year

    Didn't see Frederick as a first rounder, but I did see him as the best center in this draft, who would never make it out of ear ly round three even late round two.

    Liked Sylvester Williams all through the off season as well, as close to that top 15 in talent.

    Didn't see Kyle Long as a first, but I had him at the very top of round two.

    Liked EJ Manuel a LOT, but early in round two.

    Didn't like any of the other QBs much at all, though round two would be huge reach for any of them.

    Didn't like Patterson, and still think Minny reached for him, and never saw Te'o as a first rounder.

    Surprised that Ogletree lasted till 30 though.

    Liked Fluker as a top 15, others said no way... but there he is.

    In the end, the player tiers sort of ended up where i had them, and it's nice, since I did more ground work on this draft than any I have in a decade or more, with there being so many questions and mystery.

    Barry Waller

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    I had Le'Veon Bell as one of the top RBs throughout the process. The Steelers apparently agreed.

    I also had E.J Manuel as the top QB as early as last December.

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    The Draftnik Game

    As a foreigner, it has taken a lot of years to really get excited about the draft ( no live college ball for me, so most of these guys mean little to me). I always viewed it as a random lottery. But i have done Increasingly in recent years. The Internet and interaction with fans helps. So did the first round live on TV this year.

    Because I never see these guys playing much all I really have is the presses ratings on prospects, which usually leaves me disappointed when somebody is drafted who isn't the supposed highest rated. I do realise that how a team rates a player will differ, as how they plan to use the player and how they fit you scheme/current roster.

    But that's why you'll never catch me mocking!
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