Nice job Eric. I totally agree with you on Cooper as he presents a solid selection this year at LG alongside Long at LT, plus in the future he can slide over to center when Wells calls it quits. I'm not a huge fan of Austin not so much because of his size, but because of his weight. At around 180 he can get banged around and that concerns me. I would prefer Keenan Allen, if he's back to where he was prior to the injury. In round 2 Elam may not be there so I'd opt for Cyprien. Franklin would be great in round 3, but has been said, I suspect he's not there. I like Le'Veon Bell or Montee Ball, but Bell is a better receiver out of the backfield. As Nick on this board will attest, I've been a strong Ricky Wagner advocate (strong believer in Wisc. OL's), but I think we've got enough OL after the Long signing and Cooper selection, so we'll need to address the OLB and CB in my mind earlier than your mock calls for.

All told if it plays out this way, I be very pleased despite my concerns. Good job, Eric.

Go Rams!