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    Re: Evaluating Josh Johnson..

    Quote Originally Posted by Buccaneers View Post
    5th and 6th is more reasonable, but you were talking about just a 5th earlier
    Yes, I was but I said I think the Bucs would make that trade. Personally, in all fairness, I would trade a 5th and a 6th for him. That's the difference.

    Which leads me to this: If a 5th and 6th round pick are fair trade for JJ alone, why would a 3rd and JJ justify trading up to the #1 pick overall?

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    Re: Evaluating Josh Johnson..

    Quote Originally Posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
    For one you already have your QB of the future in Josh Freeman and keeping Josh Johnson on your roster when he has starting capabilities and other teams are aware of this is asking for trouble. Why wouldn't you do it for two extra picks in the draft for a QB you 9/10 times will not even use.

    I don't want to trade the Suh pick for Johnson but i would certainly give a 5th and a 7th or maybe perhaps a 4th rounder alone. I think the guy has THAT much potential, but asking for any more wouldn't make sense for you guys as that's probably already pushing it. Guy has a ton of potential and you guys dont need him, and would stockpile a few picks without losing much. Seems fair to me
    Well, really, it's because outside of Johnson we have Leftwich and Rudy Carpenter. As Raheem Morris has said, Johnson is becoming a very promising quarterback. One that at the very least will be a solid backup to Freeman for years. Teams need quarterbacks who can step in and be a solid starter until their franchise guy is back from injury should it occur.

    A lot of papers and sports shows are talking Vick to the Rams, but some are bringing up a good point that value-wise Vick is best traded after the pre-season. I could see something similar for Josh Johnson, IF we were going to trade him. If you trade a guy that has that much upside, you do it when you can get the most value for him. If teams like what they see in the pre-season enough to think he can be their starter, the deal will favor the Bucs that much more.

    As fans of the Rams, you probably totally disagree with and even hate this notion. But from the standpoint of the BUCS, it makes too much sense to keep him at least until the end of pre-season unless he's a necessary part of a deal to get #1 overall. As I stated earlier. And no, I don't think it would be our #3 overall, Johnson and our third. We would probably be robbing you blind there. But our #3 overall, #42/44 overall, Johnson and a third rounder in this years draft or next? I could see that.

    Right now, if I had to assign a value to him with one selection, it would be a third round pick. The guy has shown nothing but promise with us.

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    Re: Evaluating Josh Johnson..

    I don't like the trade to get Josh but would not mind getting him for a 4th-5th rd pick.YouTube - Draftguys TV: Profile - Josh Johnson - QB

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    Re: Evaluating Josh Johnson..

    The draft is an uncertain thing every year without fail. Taking a semi-solid prospect with experience for a 6th & 7th sounds very good from a Rams point of view. But whether the Buc's think so is another question.

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