Round 1-14
Aldon Smith: DE, Mizzou

As the days progress, my hopes for seeing Jones in a Rams uniform starts to wither. However, Smith is more than a consolation prize, especially with our needs of a successor in the RE when James Hall retires. I don't expect him to make an immediate impact but rather making a slow progress while being mentored under Hall.

Round 2-47
Mikel LeShoure: RB, Illinois

The only teams I feel really stands in our way from obtaining this kid is Miami and Washington but assuming the Dolphins go after Ingram and the Redskins go after a 2nd round QB (if McNabb were to leave), I feel we'll have quite the steal with this kid if we're able to pick him at #47. Seeing the film from him: he breaks a lot of tackles but NFL defenses will be much harder to breakaway but I have confidence in Jackson developing this kid very adequately.

Round 3-78
Bruce Carter: OLB, North Carolina

I'm probably being too optimistic if he's going to fall at 78 but assuming that's the case, we've really struck gold. He has excellent athleticism, and will be great at executing Spags's blitz packages. Mediocre in pass coverage but has great tackling skills.

Round 4-112
Stephen Schilling: OG, Michigan

Has good mobility outside the line and has both solid pass-blocking and run-blocking skills. However, he'll have to develop them to the next level if he wants to be an elite OG. Has no character concerns and excellent work ethic. He's worth every schilling IMO.

Round 5-145
Sione Fua: DT, Stanford

An experimental prospect, he's a 3-4 NT but has experience in the three-technique 4-3 scheme. He's very smart though and if he doesn't pan out well, he can provide good services in the depth chart.

Round 7-216
Mark LeGree: DB, Florida

A developmental project, ever since OJ left that huge hole going to the 'Skins, we're in dire need of rebuilding a secondary to a greater extent. He's a playmaker in college recording 20 tackles and 10 picks as a sophomore but it's questionable whether he can transition those playmaking skills in the next level. If he can, then we've really struck the jewel in the rough with this kid.

Round 7-228
Courtney Smith: WR, South Alabama

A small-school wide receiver but has the size needed. He needs work in making catches when it comes to facing the QB and avoid relying on body-catches with the ball. He makes great strides after catching the ball and has decent route running skills. Has Marques Colston-like potential.