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    Four starters away..

    I think that the Rams are four starters away from where they would like to be at the start of the season. I feel they need a starting tackle,left or right, a space eating run stuffing DT, a MLB that does not get blown out of the box and a servicable WR(unless Holt is still with the team). I know we could add more to the list but I think this is enough. So in this exciting time of predraft, FA, where everyone has a IMO, a team sources say, or rumor has it, talks are going on, I would like to here your scenario of how we accomplish this. The more believiable the better, please no Curry still available for our second round pick stuff or Holt traded for Haynesworth. Have fun.

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    Re: Four starters away..

    I think that OT is soooooo important for our team because that way Bulger and Jackson will not take the bang they once used to. Getting Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe will allow us to stay consistent all year. Then for our second rounder, I think we should just see what falls to us. I am sure a player is gonna drop, possibly James Luarinitis or something. Then we can try and fill holes with later picks. Barring any trades, we can probally fill 3 of the 4 holes. we shall see though.

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    Re: Four starters away..

    I agree withDrummerman1011.

    Take J. Smith in 1st and see what falls in 2nd.
    if James Laurinaitis is there snatch him up. If not Look at a WR K. Britt , B. Robiski or maybe a E. ZIGGY Hood DT in the 2nd. Whatever Rams draft, WR or DT Remember Best Available Player.
    I'm still a big fan of Jasper Brinkley MLB.

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    Re: Four starters away..

    Your premise that Curry won't be available to the Rams is questionable, but I'll play along nonetheless:

    OT: Jason Smith, Baylor (Round 1)
    DT: Ron Brace, Boston College (Round 2)
    WR: Ramses Barden, Cal Poly (Round 3)
    MLB: Antonio Appleby, Virginia (Round 4)

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    Re: Four starters away..

    I'm hoping we can sign Crowell and then that will give us a better situation come draft time. Do you want to stack the LB corp, with Witherspoon, Crowell, Curry? Or have two good LB Witherspoon/Crowell and pick the best tackle in the draft? I think if we can get Crowell, we will be much better off in making that decision. If we don't get another LB, we will be sitting with Witherspoon by himself behind no decent DTs. If we don't get a MLB in FA, I think we will go Curry/Loadbolt. And I'd be fine with that. We are gonna go OT/LB or LB/OT in the draft if the players we want fall to us. Either way, both positions should get filled with great talent.

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    Re: Four starters away..

    I'm still in favor of Curry, because i think that we will be able to get a OT in round two who will be able to step right in.
    I say
    William Beatty or Jamon Meredith
    I think that spags and flajole can make ryan and Carriker into beasts, so dt isn't so important.
    so i would say to draft a WR in round three, i say louis Murphy.
    He has the size and speed we are looking for to compliment Avery.
    The DT can be had on day two, i love the big guys like Chris Baker, Terrance Knighton, and Sammie lee hill.
    If i had my druthers it would be
    Curry (1)
    Beatty (2)
    louis Murphy (3)
    Sammie Lee Hill (6)

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