Trying to figure out who will be available when the Rams make their first pick at #16 is difficult enough as it is, but when you factor in potential trades it becomes almost impossible.

That said, there are four trade scenarios that I think could impact the Rams' choices when they make their first pick.

1. Dolphins/Chiefs (Branden Albert)
There has been reports that the Dolphins might consider making a trade to acquire Branden Albert. If they do, they would no longer be in the running to select an OT. This could cause D.J. Fluker, who I believe is one of the Rams' primary targets, to fall to No. 16.

2. Jets/Buccaneers (Darrelle Revis)
Several commentators, most notably Peter King, have indicated that the Bucs have a strong interest in taking Tavon Austin at #13. If, however, they trade for Darrelle Revis, that selection will belong to the Jets. While the Jets could also consider Austin, I believe they have more pressing needs (including potentially taking a player like Xavier Rhodes to replace Revis).

3. Vikings
The Vikings just traded Percy Harvin, and now have two first round picks to play with. If they view Tavon Austin or Cordarrelle Patterson as the perfect replacement for Harvin, they certainly have the means to trade up to get ahead of the Rams at No. 16.

4. Niners
The Niners are another team that definitely has the means, and may have the desire, to jump over the Rams to take Tavon Austin. They may view him as a potential finishing piece to a roster that nearly won it all last year. With an extra second round pick (acquired from Kansas City), they have the capital to make a move.