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    Free Agency Frenzy - A Commentary on the Crazy

    So here we go into the insanity of the first couple days of free agency. Hopefully Rams fans won't be made to suffer the drawn out Jake Long affair. I don't know if I have it in me to "twitter stalk" any more players wives like I did poor Jackie Long. Sorry sweetie, but we needed the big fella, and you DO love Italian food !!

    The extra cap space teams got added 15 teams like the Rams that would not have done much in free agency to the teams that had huge amounts, up to $45 million of so for Oakland.

    The opinions on what the Rams should do is more varied than mock drafts. Even with the cap largesse the next three years, which changes everything in many ways I have mentioned and will again list later, some fans, as well as ex-GMs, and present ones, don't want their team in that crazy auction t hat happend early.

    In a regular auction that tends to make one buy an old table that turns out to be just an old table worth what an old table is worth, that you overpaid to acquire. That feeling of beating the other bidders that felt so good at the time, turned out to be false pride, quickly replaced by buyers remorse.

    Just look at the guys who signed huge deals a year or two ago, deals that, with the new cap money, won't seem so crazy now, who are still getting cut, even with the new cap numbers.

    In the minds of GMs, age means more injuries, less production, and the nature of the new CBA have made abig difference. Just look at Sam Bradford's cap number now, versus Cam Newton's, and you will see how much difference the way lower rookie deals have made.

    The biggest surprise, other than the bar set by the teams retaining even just solid young starters, is the devaluation of seemingly anyone over 30, former big names who still seem to have a lot left in their tanks, guys who will go to contending teams for one year, cap friendly deals and help them win in many ways.

    Some, perhaps many may return to their teams at a lower rate, especially where cap number was the only reason for the cut, as well as age.

    You could put together an All-Star team from this bunch, especially if the Jets cut Sanchez, Dallas cuts Ware, the Steelers cut Woodley.

    How about this team of cuts, lower priced UFA and probable cuts

    QB Shaub, McCown
    RB Jones-Drew, McFadden, A. Bradshaw
    WR Nicks, J. Jones, K. Britt. S. Holmes
    TE Chandler, Keller
    OT - Levi Brown, W. Justice, S. Locklear, E. Winston, B. Mckinnie
    G/C Willie Colon, H. Dahl, S. Satele, A. Gurode, C. Spencer

    DE - J. Allen, D. Ware, J. Tuck
    DT Z. Hood, H. Melton, R. Starks, P. Soliai, K. WIlliams
    LB L. Woodley, Will Smith, S. Phillips, E. Sims, N. Barnett, D. Connor, J. Beason, Daryl Smith, DJ Williams, J. Vilma, B. Spikes, E. Henderson
    DB Champ Bailey, A. Cromartie, D Rogers-Cromartie, R. Marshall, Q. JAmmer, Mike Jenkins, R. Mathis, Tracy Porter, Charles Tillman, Eric Wright, A Cason, W. Allen, R. Clark, C. Crocker, R. Harper, Malcolm Jenkins, T. Mays, Q. Mikell, E. Reed, C. Woodson

    The money a very average bunch of OT is getting makes the OT group in the draft all that more valuable. Same for cornerbacks. When exactly did Brandon Albert become Orlando Pace.

    I bet you'll see some of those OT's and CBs available in a year or two. heck, even Darrell Revis is on th block already, to anyone wanting to trade a high pick, AND pick up that $13 million a year salary coming to Revis.

    If he is cut, a team like Oakland, with all t hat cap, would be happy t o do a short term deal for that money with Revis. They just don't want to give up those draft picks.

    I think we arren't likely to see a bunch of second round picks, even third round picks being dealt to deal up. There may be some short moves requiring lower picks, or picks in 2015, but this year, with the price going up for veterans, and going through the roof for young stars that are UFA, draft picks, especially early ones, are golden more than ever.

    Now it's time to sit back and finally see what happens, what the Rams do.

    They should be able to help the team, and one hopes they won't get crazy on adding mediocrity that can't beat out a rookie this year, or the guys they have already st arting.

    There are a couple players, primarily safeties, that appear to be worth paying market price, a rate still far below what just decent CBs get. There are lots of CBs that can start in this draft, not so many safties. and you don't want to be forced to reach for one either.

    They don't have to reach for a tackle in rd 1, and they don't have to reach for a solid guard in round three either.

    They don't have to reach for a WR either, in round one OR two.

    Perhaps the best IMPACT player in the draft, certainly on defense, is a LB who would fit perfectly in the Rams defensive scheme. The Rams won't get K. Mack at #13 though.

    As I see teams going nuts starting in ten minutes, I won't get more itchy for the Rams to do something. In fact, I may start feeling LESS likely to join the mob.

    They have talked to a couple of the top guys, and if they can sign Verner or Byrd, or even A. Bethea, and their own guys they want to keep, I am fine if they back off and wait for reasonable deals with those cheaper veterans.

    They are NOT gonna get top O-line help, maybe just a decent young guard, and Dahl back at some point.

    They are NOT gonna overpay for a just a decent CB
    Tey are NOT gonna pay a bunch for a WR, not with this draft class, but Nicks would be a nice fit at a good price. If he is great in 2014, you have the cap to re-sign in 2015 long term, and he is still young.

    As far as WR, it's Nicks and done for me, though Santonio Holmes does know this offense and Shotty knows him.

    The OLB group doesn't thrill me. I'd be fine with Dunbar and a fairly high draft pick (MACK?)

    If it's me, I pay the $9 million for Byrd, with a $5 or $6 million cap hit year one, and then close up shop for a couple weeks, to weed out the suckers and eat up team's cap room.

    Verner seems too pricey for a one time Pro Bowler. Imagine what Revis will get again if released.

    Byrd is one of the best at his position, and I don't see others here in FA who are.

    Once the safeties, Nicks, and decent CBs are gone, my ineterst this year in FA is over.


    Barry Waller

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    Re: Free Agency Frenzy - A Commentary on the Crazy

    Agree, I think we should go ahead and sign Verner or Byrd. If one of those guys can get in, it would be a perfect set up for our draft.

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