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    meteores24 Guest

    Thumbs down French Player

    Why sebastien sejean number 37 haven't a contract with rams?

    I watch on tv the presaison game 2008, and he was played very good?

    Because he is french?

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    Re: French Player

    it takes more than just in game work he needs to have the work ethic to workout better in practice.

    I dont think the reason he is unsigned is because he is french.

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    Re: French Player

    Ah How you say... Maybe too much French Toast....

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    Re: French Player

    Yes the Rams signed him not knowing his nationality, but then at the end of the pre-season they found out he was French so refused to sign him </sarcasm>

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    meteores24 Guest

    Re: French Player

    A lot of american people don't know in france we have a football championship, with 220 teams in four division.
    And for all french people, sebastien sejean is a model, he come from guetto front paris, and he work hard.
    When he sign in Rams , we like that, so exciting!

    I was going in team rams for 10 days last year in november.
    I have looking the training, there is a place for sebastien in rams, i'm sur but with the new General manager, headcoach, defensive coach etc....the contract is dead...
    I think it's because when the new coaching staff see sebastien, they think a french play football it's a joke.

    Now perhaps a other team sign seb, perhaps

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    Re: French Player

    I really do not think his nationality was a deciding factor. Each year, teams have to cut their roster down to 53 players with an additional 8 on the practice squad. There are 11 starters on offense, 11 starters on defense, a kicker, a punter, and a long snapper. When you include one backup for every starter, that brings the total to 47 out of the 53 available roster spots. With so few openings, teams often have to make difficult choices about which players they will keep. The competition is intense, and many American players who played very well in college are unable to make it into the NFL. Think of it this way: there are less than 2,000 players in the league at any given time.

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