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    keith m. klink Guest

    FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    This was very very hard for me`physically ' to do a full 3rd draft . Usually i start with a 10 player board for each round that the RAMS pick. i cut that to 5 , and then to 3. With that i use those 3 players to make my selection for the round . I have only ever done full RAMS mocks and 1 RD mocks .

    Though i'm not familiar with other teams , i had to think of them as MY TEAM ,even the 40 whiners . So i hope that i got the numbers right and the players . Remember , " I have the mad cow ya know " ( hurt brain , not spell good ! huh . )

    #2. RAMS ... DT - GLEN DORSEY
    #7. PATS ... DE/LB - CHRIS LONG
    #8. RAVENS ... OT - R. CLADY
    #9. BENGALS ... CB - L. McKELVIN
    #10. SAINTS ... CB - D.R. CROMARTIE
    #11. BILLS ... DE - D. HARVEY
    #12. BRONCOS... G/T - B. ALBERT
    #14. BEARS ... QB - B. BROHM
    #15. LIONS ... LB - K. RIVERS
    #16. CARDS ... RB - R. MENDENHALL
    #17. VIKINGS ... OT - J. OTAH
    #18. TEXANS ... CB - M. JENKINS
    #19. EAGLES ... S - K. PHILLIPS
    #20. BUCS ... WR - D. JACKSON
    #21. SKINS ... DT - P. SIMS
    #22. COWBOYS... RB - F. JONES
    #23. STEELERS... CB - A. CAISON
    #24. TITANS ... WR - L. SWEED
    #26. JAGS ... DE - P. MERLING
    #27. CHARGERS... CB - A. TALIB
    #28. COWBOYS ... WR - D. THOMAS
    #29. 40WHINERS... LB - X. ADIBI
    #30. PACKERS ... TE - F. DAVIS
    #31. GIANTS ... LB - J. MAYO


    #32. FINS ... DE - L. JACKSON
    #33. RAMS ... OT - G. CHERILUS
    #34. FALCONS ... OT - S. BAKER
    #35. JETS ... LB - D. CONNOR
    #36. FALCONS ... CB - J. KING
    #37. RAVENS ... QB - J. FLOCCO
    #38. WHINERS ... OT - A. COLLINS
    #39. SAINTS ... DT - K. BALMER
    #40. BILLS ... WR - J. HARDY
    #41. BRONCOS ... DT - D. MOORE
    #42. PANTHERS... RB - J. CHARLES
    #43. BEARS ... WR - M. MANNINGHAM
    #44. LIONS ... DE - C. CAMPBELL
    #45. BENGALS ... DT - RED BRYANT
    #46. VIKINGS ... QB - C. HENNE
    #47. FALCONS ... LB - C. LOFTON
    #48. EAGLES ... OT - C. NICKS
    #49. CARDS ... CB - R. SMITH
    #50. SKINS ... WR - M. KELLY
    #51. BUCS ... CB - T. PORTER
    #53. TITANS ... DT - T. LAWS
    #54. SEAGILS ... WR - A. CALDWELL
    #55. PACKERS ... CB - T . THOMAS
    #56. FINS ... WR - E. BENNETT
    #57. JAGS ... CB - B. FLOWERS
    #58. COLTS ... LB - P. WHEELER
    #59. PACKERS ... OT - J. GRECO
    #60. COWBOYS... CB - P.LEE
    #61. PATS ... OT - D. BROWN
    #62. GIANTS ... WR - E. DOUCET

    3RD ROUND.

    #63. FINS ... DE/LB - Q. GROVES
    #64. RAMS ... WR - D. AVERY
    #65. CHIEFS ... OC - M. POLLOCK
    #66. PANTHERS... DT - D. PRESLEY
    #67. FALCONS ... DT - F. OKAM
    #68. PATS ... LB - T. GOODEN
    #69. BEARS ... S - S. CASTILLE
    #70. JAGS ... LB - A. HIGHSMITH
    #71. BILLS ... CB - C. GODFREY
    #72. VIKINGS ... DE - D. ROBERTSON
    #73. PANTHERS... S - M. GRIFFIN
    #74. WHINERS ... RB - C. JOHNSON
    #75. LIONS ... OT - T. HILLS
    #76. BENGALS ... LB - E. HENDERSON
    #77. SAINTS ... LB/DE - B. DAVIS
    #78. TEXANS ... OT - O. COUSINS
    #79. EAGLES ... WR - E. ROYAL
    #80. CARDS ... OG - C. RACHAL
    #81. VIKINGS ... TE - M. BENNETT
    #82. BUCS ... QB - J. JOHNSON
    #83. SKINS ... DE - C. AVRIL
    #84. TITANS ... RB - K.SMITH
    #85. SEAGIRLS ... TE - J. CARLSON
    #86. LIONS ... DT - A. RUBIN
    #87. STEELERS ... WR - D.J. HALL
    #88. JAGS ... OG - E. YOUNG
    #89. BEARS ... S - J. ADAMS
    #90. PACKERS ... S - T. ZIBKOWSKI
    #91. COWBOYS ... DE - C. ELLIS
    #92. COLTS ... OG - M. MCGLYNN
    #93. PATS ... CB - D. LOWERY
    #94. GIANTS ... CB/S - J. HEFNEY

    #95. SKINS ... OC - J. SULLIVAN
    #96. BENGALS ... WR- H. DOUGLAS
    #97. FALCONS ... RB - S.SLATON
    #98. RAVENS ... DE - K. LANGFORD


    #99. FINS ... QB - J.D. BOOTY
    #100. RAMS ... DE - JASON JONES

    I DO NOT KNOW HOW OR WHERE I SCREWED THIS UP , i just cant find the spot i missed or the team, i'll keep tryingto find my goof. well this is close to what i got .

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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    Quote Originally Posted by keith m. klink View Post
    I DO NOT KNOW HOW OR WHERE I SCREWED THIS UP , i just cant find the spot i missed or the team, i'll keep tryingto find my goof. well this is close to what i got .
    There should have been 32 picks in round 2 .. right?

    Would love it if "The Gosder" lasted until number 33 overall, but I don't think he will. Also I think Chris Long will not get past the Raiders if he gets past us.
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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    I would really hate if we passed up on C.Long and the Cheatriots got him. I would most definatly not be pleased by those events.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    Chris Long isn't getting picked out of the top 3...

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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    Yeah, if the Dolphins or Rams don't take Chris, I'll bet Oakland or New York would. The Raiders just resigned DT Tommy Kelly for 7 years and signed free agent DT William Joseph. They also have Terdell Sands and Gerard Warren. Meanwhile, they're going to be manning one of their DE spots with either last year's starter Jay Richardson coming off a 1 sack season or Kalimba Edwards coming off a 3 sack season. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that they'd rather have a higher rated defensive end than a lower rated nose tackle. If New York thought he could excel standing up as an OLB in their 3-4, they might pull the trigger, too. After all, with Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, their need at runningback isn't very pressing.

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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    I'm wholly of the beilef that if Chris Long is available, he makes the most sense. He is a BPA candidate, and fills a greater need than Dorsey ever will. High motor guy who purports to start right away? Sounds good to pass up me. Selecting Dorsey creates personnell headaches, and I'm not sure it's worth it when you can have a player who is just as justifiable from a BPA standpoint and doesn't cause personnel problems.

    I really am not high on this as a Rams mock. Cherilus basically still leaves us high and dry as far as a replacement for Pace goes, as he's a project Right Tackle, and whilst I can understand Avery in round 3, I'd just about lose my head if we waited four rounds to draft a starting defensive end.

    Other thoughts...

    Adibi in the first round?
    Vernon Gholston to the Chiefs?
    Chris Long sliding to number 7?
    Brian Brohm in the top 15?
    Bills selecting a DE? (Kelsay has been solid and Schobel is a pro bowler with 9 sacks last year)
    Sims in the first round?
    Mayo a little low?
    Fred Davis a little high?
    Do the Pack need a TE? at best they'd be looking for a backup behind Donald Lee.
    Chris Ellis lasting to the bottom of round 3?
    Brandon Flowers a little low? (Though I can understand why you'd have him there).
    Reggie Smith a bit low, too?
    Chris Johnson, Erin Henderson, Tony Hills too low?
    Good Call on the Saints pick in round 2.
    Ditto on the Ravens pick (though it's spelt flacco.

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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    Pretty sure the pick you missed was KC's second rounder, which falls between the Falcons' and Jets' pick.

    As for the Rams draft, I'm not that excited about it. The Dorsey pick has been hashed and rehashed to death. All I'll say is this - passing on two DEs like Long and Gholston to take Dorsey means DE needs to be a priority in the next few rounds. But not addressing it until round four would be a pretty big gamble on the Rams' part, and I really am not convinced a DE/DT 'tweener like Jason Jones could really contribute much on the edge where we need help.

    Personally, if the Rams take Dorsey in round one and the draft falls as you have it, I can't help but wonder if in the second round the Rams might not be better served picking Calias Campbell or Quentin Groves to play DE. Then in round three, they can come back to take an OL in Hills or Cousins, and then in the fourth round look for a receiver like Dexter Jackson, Will Franklin, or Jerome Simpson.

    Ultimately I think if you're the Rams and you pass on Chris Long to take Dorsey, you better be sure you get a quality end prospect sooner rather than later.

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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    So you went from two DE's in the first round to none? Honestly, it kind of feels like you're throwing darts here...

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    thanks for the feedback, like i said , i have never done another teams draft , and it's a little hard trying to find out what other teams would do when we can't even agree on players the RAMS should take .

    i had some players going up and some down , everyone has their opinion on who should go where and when. players like GROVES who just let out about a heart opperation / procedure that he just had to fix an irregular hearbeat . and with the TROUBLE we are seeing this late with the WR's and their closet full of ghosts , i have others sliding around.

    And if we all had it the way we wanted it , it wouldn't be a draft , crazy things have happened before and this will be no differant .

    AND as for the dart throwing , if i had my way , i would draft CHRIS LONG ( he is my #1 RAMS pick , and i have been wanting this kid since last season, i never wanted DORSEY, and still don't . Iwould take JAKE LONG before DORSEY, and yes i would take 2 DE'S and i wouldn't have ANY PROBLEM drafting them with my first 2 picks , if that answers your question( or remark , which ever it was .

    Go look at my other RAMS drafts and see HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE DORSEY.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    McSHEY has B. ALBERT going to K.C. with the #5 pick . i thought i was pushing it just a bit but he went for it . i knew he would slide up a bit with his ability to play both G and T , BUT TO GO FROM A SOLID 2ND ROUNDER TO a high pick in the first round . I thought the TEENS but #5 . this draft just keeps getting more interesting .

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    AND how did i go from 2 DE's in the FIRST , and none now . easy , i don't like it but the RAMS will take DORSEY. i would like C. LONG as the only DE in the first , but it won't happen i feel. And i don't see where i ever had the RAMS taking 2 DE's in the first .

    I wouldn't mind it with the 1st and 2nd picks to be honest .

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    I'm starting to like my chances of hitting these first 7 maybe 8 picks . you guy's thought me crazy , I'm starting to get giddy about the RAMS options .

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    Re: FULL 3 rd mock + RAMS 4th.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mooselini View Post
    Chris Long isn't getting picked out of the top 3...
    yeah he is if we pass

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