As we head into the last evening before the NFL draft, I'm going to try not to be a rumor-mongerer. Rather, I'm going to tell you what I heard reliably throughout the day Friday, in this final pre-draft edition of ...
Five Things I Think I Think

1. I think -- and I'm gonna go in chronological order here -- I can't tell you anything more about the Rams than you probably already know because they're bottled up pretty tight this evening. My gut feeling is they'll take Chris Long over Glenn Dorsey, though the defensive staff clearly would prefer Dorsey.
2. I think the most likely scenario at No. 3 is for the Falcons to take Boston College QB Matt Ryan. Now, understand that GM Thomas Dmitroff absolutely loves Dorsey. Would it stun me if the Ryan thing didn't happen? It would be a surprise, but not a stunner, because I know how much this team loves Dorsey. However, the chance to get a quarterback for the next 10 years that the coaching stuff likes a lot, almost universally, could be too much for the Falcons to pass up.
3. I think the next bit of drama -- after, in my scenario, the Raiders taking Dorsey -- is what the Chiefs will do at No. 5. As I wrote 11 days ago, there's a high likelihood that the Patriots, at No. 7, and the Jets, at No. 6, could both be in contention for this pick if Chris Long is still on the board. My scenario has him gone. But as long as Long is available at No. 5, I expect the Jets and Patriots, who both like him a lot, to make inquiries with the Chiefs (and I'm sure it's been done already) to acquire the fifth pick