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    I am pretty sure Chris Long is the consensus favorite to be rams pick among most of the clan Ram members, but it gets blurry when it comes to who we pick if Chris Long is gone. This is where the G.L.P (Go Long Party) come in. I think the Rams should go Chris or Jake Long whoever the Phins don't pick unless they pick Ryan we should go for Chris.

    Why we shouldn't go Dorsey:
    Ill admit Dorsey is a beast, but he isn't a need. Carriker and Ryan proved to be a good combo and gave us stability at DT that we haven't had in years and what seems like ages. Dorsey would just mess up the great chemistry already made. LDT, RDT with two undertackles just doesn't make sense. That would hurt our D instead of help make incredibly small in the middle triangle of Dorsey, Carriker, Spoon. The idea of moving Carriker to end makes even less sense. He would need to cut alot of weight and he simply doesn't have that kind of speed of the edge. Dorsey raises some red flags with his injuries also

    Why we shouldn't go Gholston:
    Gholston is a work out warrior. The main reason we shouldn't go Gholston is simply he is not the best value at the number 2 pick even with a good combine. Also I think he is on the juice. His arms a way to dang big and have way to many huge popping vaines. He is doing the same number of bench reps (37 at 225 lbs) as Jake Long who weighs 60 more pounds than him.

    Why we shouldn't go the field
    Ryan McFadden great players not needs though. Ellis isn't even better than Dorsey IMO.

    Why we should go Long
    to quote Nick "he'd be the best combination of need and value on the board if Chris Long is gone." Long is a beast he has only given up 2 sacks in his career. His measurable's are insane. Everyone criticizes his lack of lateral movement. He makes up for it by playing with great leverage and technique. Long is also an elite blocker. His ability has lead some to make comparisons to John Runyan and Johnathan Ogden. Some say he won't start. If you think a guy who has only given up 2 sacks and is rarely penalized can't beat out Alex "oops i did it again" Barron you are mistaken. Long could also be in a Johnathan Ogden situation by starting at guard then moving to tackle. The downside to picking Long it will be harder to get an elite DE in the second, but we still could get a great player like Quentin Groves or Lawrence Jackson,

    G.L.P all are free to Join

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    Re: G.l.p

    I was convinced by a few posts in another thread that we should pursue Jake if Chris is gone. I'm all for it. He's a beast, and he'll outstart Barron.


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