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    The game of swapsies- A First Round Trade Analysis

    Here is a short list of teams that I feel have rather large means to trade either up or down, within the first round.

    Detroit(2)- Word is Gaines Adams is their man, and they'd love to move back a couple of spots to soften his salary and gain some extra picks. Brady Quinn, JaMarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson are all definate possibilities.

    Tampa(4)- Two Words- Calvin Johnson. The FO reportedly loves him, and if he were to fall to number 2, expect to see Chucky pull the trigger. Failing that, they may well tade back- They'd like a DL, too.

    Washington(6)- With one draft pick on day one, there's no question that the Skins would love to move back a few spots and acquire some extra picks. Chicago's Lance Briggs could be a viable trade option.

    Minnesota(7)- The Vikes have a huge chance of finding someone they like at seven, but if they are unable to land and Adams, Peterson, Okoye or Landry, a move back is a probability

    Atlanta(8)- LaRon Landry is their guy, but he could well be in another team's Jersey by Pick 8. If they really are keen, look for them to dance the dance with Washington, offering a third or maybe a second round pick.

    Miami(9)- If Quinn and Levi Brown are both off the board, look for the Dolphins to make a move back. Amobi Okoye and Alan Branch are the dark horses.

    Houston(10)- They may try to make a move up for Adrian Peterson, should he fall, or Levi Brown at OT.

    San Francisco(11)- With 8 Picks in the first four rounds, why wouldn't the Niners look to either move up, or move back into round one late?

    St. Louis(13)- The Rams may be interested in moving up for Amobi Okoye, Gaines Adams or Adam Carriker. Look for a team like Miami to partner. While it is amazingly unlikely the team will trade their first for Kris Jenkins, you just can't rule it out at this point.

    Carolina Panthers(14)- Kris Jenkins is on the block, and he has been reportedly offered to Washington in exchange for a swap of firsts. If Landry or Willis fall to 13, don't be surprised to see the Rams and Panthers play the trading game.

    Jacksonville Jaguars(17)- Safety and DL are their most pressing needs, and they will have to either reach or gamble on Michael Griffin or Javris Moss from pick 17, unless Jamaal Anderson falls to their laps. Reggie Nelson may land here aswell but he may also be headed to Carolina at 14. It may be smart for the Jaguars to make a move up the draft board.

    Cincinatti(18)- Look for the Bengals, who have needs at LB (still) and CB (still) to move back and possibly reclaim an extra third rounder, used on Ahmad Brooks in the supplemental draft.

    Tennessee(19)- Have needs at CB and WR, two positions that could well be adressed a little bit later, with no value lost. Look for the Titans to move back just a few, so they still have their choice of recievers (Ginn) and CBs (Houston, Ross, Revis/Hall)

    Denver Broncos(21)- It's Mike Shannahan. Duh. The Broncos have an extra third and needs at DL (Where Javris Moss may now be considered a reach) at ILB (Pending the release of Al Wilson) and at Tackle, where George Foster was traded away. Don't be surprised to look for them to make a move upward (Cincinatti, Tenessee) to steal away Joe Staley, or Way upward for a premier lineman.

    New England Patriots(24, 28)- The Patsies have two late round one picks, which should suffice as ammunition should they try to move up. Sending a few picks to Washinton to select LaRon Landry wouldn't shock me, nor would making a move back for an extra second.

    New York Jets(25)- Theoretically could move back and still select a quality CB or TE and gain an extra draft choice, depending on how the first 24 picks have gone down.

    San Diego Chargers(30)- Would love to move up for Michael Griffin or Robert Meachem.

    Chicago Bears(31)- A Lance Briggs deal may alter their draft strategy dramatically.

    How many trades do I see?
    Miami/St.Louis (If Okoye is available and Jenkins is not in the Horns)
    NYJ/San Diego

    Wild card? The Niners offering a stack of picks to the Ravens, Saints or Patriots to get back into the first round.

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    Re: The game of swapsies- A First Round Trade Analysis

    I've read reports that the ***** are really interested in Carriker.

    If he is there at #13 we take him, if Okoye and Carriker are gone by then, we should trade down.

    I can't see us offering more than a #3 and a conditional pick next year for Jenkins.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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