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    Getting an impact player in the 1st round...

    Ok guys so far despite all the rumours and counter rumours we still own the no.11 pick in the first round on Saturday and we havn't signed Grady Jackson....Should we remain at no.11 i think it's imperative we sign players in round 1 and 2 who WILL contribute to this team next year....There are plenty of picks after that to select players we can develop....Therefore thinking of the players that may be available at 11 here's my thoughts...

    QB - Jay Cutler...IMO would be missing an opportunity...I don't rate the guy - he's this years Kyle Boller...he would be a back up unless Bulger goes down and isn't that what they signed Frerotte for?? I'd much rather they tried to develop Smoker/Fitzgerald or even look at a guy later rounds to develop....

    CB - With a healthy Fisher and Butler what effect would drafting a Tye Hill or Antonio Cromartie have??? Sure they'd play a bit but i'd only draft those guys if i was picking between 15-20..We still have Brown, Bartell and Anderson on the books...I don't believe a Hill or Cromartie would start so i'm saying no to a CB round 1 unless we draft down

    S - If they get the chance to draft Michael Huff they do it - pure and simple....He would have an immediate impact on this team....other than that they wont go S

    DT - If N'gata is available he would certainly contribute to this team...As of now we havn't signed Jackson and DT is a big need....I think he would upgrade the DL immediately and go a long way to keeping bodies off Witherspoon...Bunkley is a pass rusher we need a space eater....

    WR - no WR available in the 1st round would break into our top 3 of Holt, Bruce, WR at 11

    LB - God how much would i like Hawk!!! however we're considering players available at 11 here...Bobby Carpenter would be favourite to start at OLB....he would have an immediate impact on becoming a MLB worth of no.11 pick cept A.J.

    TE - Vernon Davis wont drop here...TE is a need but no other TE's worthy of no.11 pick

    DE - again is a need....The only guy i can see being available at 11 with the ability to be a starter is Manny Lawson...But would he start for us??? I personally think not...he has all the intangibles but then again wasn't Hargrove meant to be a beast athletically??? At best he would rotate with Hargrove....He could develop into a stud and contribute as an OLB in a 3-4 in years to come but we need players who can have an immediate impact!! I think we should give Hargrove this year to improve and draft a DE later for depth and to develop

    OL - We don't need a big name tackle we just need depth and projects to back up the big guys...As for G lets hope Incognito and Terrell work out - again there a good developmental prospects to be had in later rounds....We could do with a future C but you dont draft one at 11...

    RB - Jackson is our starter end of....Fisher looks a nice 3rd down back and Faulk to return is ???? no RB is worthy of the 11 pick anyhow....What we need is a change of pace RB we can pick up undrafted or in later rounds...

    So that's it...IF we stay at 11 the only guys i can see that will have a SIGNIFICANT immmediate impact are Chad Greenway or Haloti N'gata....I'd prefer to see us move up to grab a stud like Hawk or trade down hope Greenways still there or take a Tye Hill type of player later and pick up an additional pick...Feel free to comment

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    Re: Getting an impact player in the 1st round...

    Everything you say makes sense to me. I wouldn't be too disappointed if we took Bunkley though.


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