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    Goldenfleece's First Ever 7 Round Ram Mock

    First Round: Michael Huff, S Texas - If we don't trade out of this spot, Huff is one of the top playmakers that could realistically still be available here. Sure, I'm being optimistic. If we get him, we're getting the best defensive back in the draft.

    Second Round: Thomas Howard, OLB UTEP- He played SAM all 12 games in 2004 and put up good numbers even if he may appear to be a more natural WILL 'backer. He has good burst, agility, and can lay on a big hit. At 6'3", 240 lbs. he runs a 4.4 forty, changes direction well, has fluid hips, and played defensive back in high school so he can cover pretty well, too. So, this is where you say "but he'll struggle against blockers." Well, realistically, there aren't a lot of really big linebackers in this draft. On most the lists of OLBs I've seen, there are generally 4 listed in the top 30 outside linebackers who are more than a couple pounds over 240. On the bright side, when he isn't pass rushing, he should be able to match up well with all those pass-catching tight ends. If somehow Bobby Carpenter were still on the board at this point, I'd rather have him, but Howard is more likely to still be available.

    Third Round: Joe Klopfenstein, TE Colorado- He'll be a solid addition to an already impressive pass attack. He needs to improve his blocking, but he has good size, soft hands, good speed for his size, and is a good route runner.

    Fourth Round: Dusty Dvoracek, DT Oklahoma- The reason he is even available at this point is his behavior off the field. He drinks. He fights. Put the two together, and he cracks a guy's head open in a bar fight. He's risky, and God help us when we line him up against Richie Incognito in practice, but he is an extraordinary pass-rushing DT who plays the run fairly well, too. Character issues aside, his game has very few weaknesses. I don't know whether he has convinced people he has seen the error of his ways, but he did check into a substance abuse program and took anger management classes. He has also been recognized for his academic achievements and had the highest Wonderlic score of anyone at the Combine. I'm willing to risk a fourth rounder that these are indications he has been able to focus on the priorities in his life. With Glover turning 32 this summer, we need to have someone ready to replace him sooner than later.

    Fifth Round: Pierre Woods, OLB Michigan - He has the size (6'5", 250), he can take on the big bad blockers, he can bull rush, he has speed off the edge, and he's a 'tweener. Unfortunately, he doesn't have great top end speed, and he is not great in coverage, but he could be a good complement to the guys we already have who can do those things.

    Sixth Round: Chris Gocong, DE Cal Poly - He played in I-AA so there are definitely questions about how well he'll stack up in the pros, but he has a lot of talent. He was the winner of the Buck Buchanan award for the best defensive player in I-AA last year and was runner up the year before. Because of injury to the starter, he played a year at NT for a year even though he's only 260 before being moved to DE in the 3-4, where he made his real impact. He is said to have the athleticism to move to OLB in the 3-4, but if he excels as a 3-4 DE I'm sure that's where we'd have him play.

    Seventh Round: Donovan Raiola, C Wisconsin - provides depth on O-Line.

    Seventh Round (comp.): Ashlan Davis, WR/KR Tulsa - He was one of the best receivers on the team, but his real value is as a kick returner. In 2004, he returned a kick for a TD in four consecutive games. He had an NCAA season record of 5 returns for TD, which was only one shy of the NCAA career record. He isn't well known because he played in C-USA, but I'd love to see the Rams find an explosive kick returner here.

    Seventh Round (comp.): Aaron Lips, G Louisiana Tech - provides depth on O-Line.

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    Re: Goldenfleece's First Ever 7 Round Ram Mock

    Nice draft I give it a B+

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    Re: Goldenfleece's First Ever 7 Round Ram Mock

    A+ draft. Huff, Howard, and Klopfenstein are GERRRRREAT picks. I like Dusty, and interesting stuff on Ashlan Davis. Sounds good fella.


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