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    Gordon: Making The Case For Sammy Watkins

    Tipsheet: Making the case for Sammy Watkins

    53 minutes ago • By Jeff Gordon

    NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. agrees with many offense-starved Rams fans.

    He believes this team should draft playmaking Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins with the second overall pick, putting off an offensive tackle play until later in the draft.

    He nominated Virginia’s Morgan Moses in the second round. Kiper also recommended Florida State linebacker Christian Jones for the third round.

    Here is what he wrote for

    I actually have a few players rated slightly higher than Watkins on my Big Board, but I'm looking at this roster as the GM. I think I have one season to find out if Sam Bradford is my quarterback for the long haul, so I need to give my coach the best chance to score more points and win football games. Ultimately, I decide to draft the guy I think can make plays and upgrade my offense immediately. And really, Watkins isn't much of a leap in terms of value. The extra first-round pick gives me the courage to take the high-upside offensive talent at No. 2. (Ha Ha) Clinton-Dix is a no-brainer given the need at safety with the top three OTs gone at No. 13, and then I get the tackle I need in Round 2. Moses isn't a left tackle, but he can play as a rookie if needed, and I need help on the right side. I'm pretty happy with two of my linebackers -- James Laurinaitis and the raw but talented Alec Ogletree -- but add some versatility and potentially a rookie starter in Jones. You hope Bradford is good, because this roster sure is.

    This is not an impossible scenario. Increasingly, NFL experts see the Houston Texas taking aspiring sackmaster Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall pick.

    That would render the No. 2 overall pick less attractive for a trade-up. If the Rams had to use the pick, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead could obviously grab one of the top offensive tackles.

    As Jim Thomas notes, the Rams seem to favor Jake Matthews over Greg Robinson – an intriguing athlete that needs more developmental time. Matthews appears more prepared to play right away.

    But would Matthews really be worth the second overall pick? Or would adding Watkins do more to change the team?

    The Rams already added big receiver Kenny Britt in free agency. The team really likes 2013 picks Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. Chris Givens still offers explosive speed. And the front office has maintained its public support for perpetual prospect Brian Quick, who is still learning how to do more besides run blocking.

    Should the Rams draft Watkins, the team would concede defeat on Quick. Then again, sometimes leaders must swallow some pride to put the best possible team on the field.

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    Re: Gordon: Making The Case For Sammy Watkins

    The Rams already added big receiver Kenny Britt in free agency.
    This doesn't play into the equation at all. That's like saying, I put $100 on my favorite horse down at the track, so no need to go to work today. If Britt works out, super. If not, cut him. Either way, his presence does nothing to move the Watkins quotient one way or the other.
    Should the Rams draft Watkins, the team would concede defeat on Quick.
    I don't think that's any more true than saying drafting Austin and Bailey last year conceded defeat on Quick.

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    Re: Gordon: Making The Case For Sammy Watkins

    I just went back 11 years, and the following are WRs selected in the top 10, in no particular order.

    Ted Ginn Jr. (7), Darius Heyward Bey (3), Julio Jones (6), A.J. Green (4), Justin Blackmon (5), Charles Rogers (2), Calvin Johnson (2), Reggie Williams (9), Roy Williams (7), Larry Fitzgerald (3), Mike Williams (10), Troy Williamson (7), and Braylon Edwards (3), (and Tavon Austin (8), although I really don't feel he was drafted purely as a WR).

    I'll give you Jones, Green, Johnson and Fitzgerald - and only Johnson is a real difference maker, and that was Detroit's 3RD TRY!

    If Bradford had not been injured, nobody is advocating Watkins. The Rams have adequate talent at WR, even if Quick busts, (which I think he will - hope not), and Britt could produce, (God knows we're about due to hit on one). They really don't at O-line, even if Long's back for sure.

    And if we do trade out of #2, please (please, please), don't go back any further than guaranteeing that Matthews is there.

    I guess an argument can be made for anything, but totally disagree.
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    Re: Gordon: Making The Case For Sammy Watkins

    You don't think that Fitzgerald is a real difference maker?

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