Nasty' Brown is just what the Rams need
Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
Friday, Apr. 22 2005

Former New Orleans Saints general manager Randy Mueller agrees with most of the

If the Rams get the opportunity to draft tackle Jammal Brown, Mueller says they
should grab him.

“He’s nasty,” Mueller told 1380 ESPN during a Friday morning interview. “He is
like Kyle Turley in that regard.”

Mueller, now an ESPN analyst, had Turley during his stint in New Orleans. And
he realizes the Rams are looking to fill their right tackle slot now that
Turley will become a salary cap casualty on June 1.

“Brown is a tough, physical player,” Mueller said. “He loves to play. He will
block you right into the stands. He doesn’t care about the whistle.”

That sounds like just what the Rams need. The other top tackles in the draft,
Alex Barron and Khalif Barnes, appear to be superior athletes. But neither
offers Browns toughness and drive.

Here were some of Mueller’s other takes:

* Safety Thomas Davis is an intriguing possibility for the Rams and any other
team. “Teams are definitely split on him,” Mueller said. “Half of the teams
think he is a linebacker, half the teams think he is a safety. I like guys that
play with a passion. There is nothing he shows on the field that makes me think
he couldn’t make the transition to linebacker.”

But the Rams have enough small linebackers. They would need Davis to play

* Mueller said the ***** can’t go wrong using the first overall pick to draft
quarterback Alex Smith: “They need quantity,” he said. “They need a lot of
holes filled. But I happen to like Alex Smith. I think he is a good player for
that pick. The bad part of that is, he’ll be going to a team where there aren’t
a lot of players around him. I hope they don’t burn him out the first couple of

* Rams general manager Charley Armey called wide receiver Travis Williamson
the most talented player in the draft, but Mueller wouldn’t go that far. “I’m
not quite as high on him as other people,” he said. “You don’t have to teach
him to run fast. He can get up on you in a hurry. I think he is a little raw
coming in and out of his breaks.”

* Defensive end Erasmus James is another player the Rams like. “If he hadn’t
gotten hurt,” Mueller said, “he would have been a top five pick.”

Keep that in mind if the three tackles and Davis are all gone by the time the
Rams pick 19th overall.


* The Rams scouting department has spent virtually an entire year preparing
for the draft. And yet, Howard Balzer noted during his Friday morning segment
that whom the Rams pick “may be decided by what side of the bed Martz wakes up
on Saturday morning.” Sometimes Mike Martz follows his instincts . . .