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    Greg Cosell on Dorsey ..

    Dorsey will be a handful for NFL blockers
    By Greg Cosell - SportingNews
    Mar 22, 7:06 pm EDT
    Dorsey will be a handful for NFL blockers - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

    Glenn Dorsey will be a dominant defensive tackle in the NFL. I studied the 2007 LSU defense, and Dorsey was as impressive as any interior lineman I’ve seen in recent years.

    The first thing that jumped off Dorsey’s film was his athleticism. He is an extraordinary athlete who just happens to play defensive tackle. After a number of games, I tended to forget that I was watching a 297-pound man. He moved like a much lighter player.

    LSU aligned Dorsey at many different positions on its defensive front, including end in its three-man line, but he will transition best to the NFL as a 3 technique tackle. The 3 technique predominantly aligns in the gap between the guard and tackle and attacks that gap at the snap. Dorsey has exceptional burst and acceleration out of his stance, much like Tommie Harris of the Bears. His explosiveness projects extremely well to the NFL.

    As does his technique. The tape shows he played with tremendous leverage, keeping his pad level low so that his natural power and strength were not compromised. Dorsey’s ability to consistently play with leverage allowed him to hold his ground and stalemate double-team blocks. And that is a critical trait for an NFL defensive tackle.

    There were many times when Dorsey not only deadlocked double-teams but defeated them and made the tackle. And that highlighted another quality that he consistently displayed: the ability to use his hands and arms to keep blockers from getting into his body. That’s about technique, and Dorsey was far ahead of most college defensive linemen in that area.

    When I evaluate defensive tackles, I look for balance and footwork. Dorsey was outstanding in both areas. In fact, what really stood out was he was rarely on the ground. That allowed him to stay alive and make plays in pursuit down the line of scrimmage, at times near the sideline. That is something you don’t see often from defensive tackles.

    Dorsey combines great athleticism with a high-intensity motor that never stops. If he can overcome an injury history that may scare some teams, he will be the kind of player around whom an NFL defensive front can be built.

    Greg Cosell of NFL Films analyzes coaching tape and is executive producer of State Farm NFL Matchup. He is a frequent contributor to Sporting News.

    Will he be our pick?? The plot thickens with each passing day ..

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    Re: Greg Cosell on Dorsey ..

    If we were to convert to a 3-4 defense then would some of you think Dorsey would be a good pick? I know our linebackers don't necessarily fit into that mold right now. But, we could draft one or two more pieces of the puzzle this year. Plus, Culberson and/or McGarigle could possibly fit in the middle as well. Yes, I know they have shown us nothing, but, they haven't had much opportunity to get on the field. They both appear to have a lot of upside. Not to mention Little potentially as an OLB.


    That would be a formidable front three don't you think as the foundation for the 3-4? There have been rumors, but, certainly nothing even close to substantive. What if? It could happen.

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