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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Guard Interior OFF line

    Interior Offensive Line is our most needy area, IMO. McCollum and Timmerman have both been benched at one point or another in the last 2 years. Stephen Jackson has ran into brick wall regularly and we just don't get any movement up front.

    For a while I was a fan of taking Max-Jean Jiles as most analysts had him as the top Guard prospect. Upon Further review,
    I want Davin Joseph from Oklahoma. Oklahoma had a OL taken in the first 13 picks last year (Jammal Brown) and Brown won the Outland trophy last year.
    The Offensive lineman and their coach regarded Joseph as the most talented lineman last year (when Brown was on the team). This from a USAToday article from 2005:
    "Led by Brown, the senior Outland Trophy winner, senior All-American center Vince Carter and junior right guard Davin Joseph, who is considered by his own teammates the most talented of the bunch, the unit has allowed just seven sacks and given Adrian Peterson room to run for 1,896 yards."

    Oklahoma's Offensive line has so much talent that Nick has us taking another one of their lineman, Chris Chester, in the 3rd round.

    I'll be rooting Saturday to hear Davin Joseph's name called as one of our selections. The guy has started 24 straight games, has incredible Natural Strength, and a mean streak to boot.

    Oklahoma's Offensive Line coach, Kevin Wilson, had this to say about Davin Joseph
    last year when Jamal Brown played on their line: "Davin Joseph is the smartest and most talented. He's our best player"

    This guy will end up being Stephen Jackson's best friend.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Guard Interior OFF line

    Boy, I've been riding this bandwagon for months. We can have all the "skill" position fire power in the world on offense, but if the back can't take more than two steps, or our quarterback is laying on his back most of the time, then it doesn't really matter does it?
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    Re: Guard Interior OFF line

    We definitely need more talent/depth on the offensive line. I'd be surprised if an O-lineman wasn't taken with one of our first four or five picks.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Guard Interior OFF line


    I agree. It all starts up front. Ask Detroit how all their sexy, skill player number 1 choices have worked out.


    Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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    Re: Guard Interior OFF line

    I wish we had another 2nd and 3rd rounder in this draft. It seems so freaking deep with linemen on both sides of the ball.


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