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Thread: Here is a twist

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    Here is a twist

    Greg Robinson - T - Player

    CBS' Jason La Canfora reports the Falcons could be eyeing Auburn OT Greg Robinson, and not Jadeveon Clowney, in a potential trade up to No. 1 overall.
    Tackle is certainly a need for the Falcons, as incumbent LT Sam Baker was injured and ineffective in 2013. They have no one at right tackle. That being said, the Falcons' pass rush was among the most anemic in the league, while they've been much more strongly linked to Clowney. We still consider Clowney the most likely target if the Falcons make a bid for Houston's top selection.
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    Just more fluff but that would be a twist I did not see coming. What then trade back and take Mathews?
    Six more days of this....

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    Re: Here is a twist

    I would be okay trading out of 2 so that the Falcons could trade up for Robinson. That would leave us here:

    1. HOU - Clowney
    2. ATL - Robinson
    3. JAC - ???
    4. CLE - ???
    5. OAK - ???
    6. STL - ???

    That leaves us one of these 4, in order:

    1. Matthews
    2. Mack
    3. Watkins/Evans
    4. Evans/Watkins

    (I want Evans over Watkins for the Rams, but I wouldn't be upset to see Watkins go based on being a better prospect.)

    This should also leave us with 2014 2nd and 2015 2nd, or 2015 1st and 2014 3rd/4th.

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