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    Here's what I think the Rams accomplished this weekend.

    Overall, I like this draft. There are a few question marks, as with any draft, but I think the Rams accomplished quite a bit.

    1. Found Two Likely New Starters
    In Alex Barron and Oshiomogho Atogwe, the Rams have drafted two talented and experienced players who should be able to transition into the starting lineup at RT and safety as rookies.

    2. Obtained Building Blocks For Future O Line
    Andy McCollum and Adam Timmerman are getting a bit long in the tooth. In Richie Incognito and Claude Terrell, the Rams acquired potential heir apparents. Incognito in particular seems like a good be as a future starter.

    3. Attention To Special Teams
    With the selection of players like Bartell, Jr., Jerome Collins, Jerome Carter and punter Reggie Hodges, the Rams have brought in a number of players who could help immediately bolster the special teams.

    The Rams also took a shot at a potential diamond-in-the-rough in Bartell, and brought in competition at WR, TE and FB.

    All in all, a smart and productive draft.
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    Re: Here's what I think the Rams accomplished this weekend.

    I agree. It's not flashy but we helped the team more than a lot of these experts think. Yeah, the same experts that insisted we'd take Bill Swancutt in the 1st round...

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    Re: Here's what I think the Rams accomplished this weekend.

    The Rams definitely helped themselves out in some weak areas, and I was glad to see that Martz restrained from his annoying habit of picking "interesting" players, who fill no current need.

    One question mark for me is the reasoning behind picking Bartell over Justin Miller. Most of the "experts" had Miller listed as one of the top 5 CBs in the darft, and Bartell, in most cases, was nowhere in sight. Hope we don't live to regret that pick. Same with Incognito. He's a good football player with a lot of promise, but then again, so was Turley. I hope life in the NFL will mature him, and not feed his wild side. A guy bent on trouble can find a lot of it with a million bucks in his pocket.

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    Re: Here's what I think the Rams accomplished this weekend.

    They found a starting full-back!


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