"Most Likely To Succeed": Jamaal Anderson
Anderson has it all. He has the size, the measurables, and the on-field performance. If the Rams are lucky enough to have him fall to their laps, he would be a perfect fit.

"Most Popular": Amobi Okoye
Okoye seems to have that "it" factor. Everyone loves his intelligence, athleticism, youth and enormous upside. May be gobbled up before the Rams select, but if he's there, he'd be hard to pass up.

"Best Looking": Adam Carriker
At 6'6, 290 of well conditioned muscle, Carriker looks like a monster. At times in Nebraska, he played like one too. The Rams would love his ability to play both inside and outside on the D line.

"Best All-Around": Patrick Willis
Can play all three LB positions. Has good size and great speed. In some ways, he seems like the safest pick, though perhaps not the biggest need position.

"Biggest Heartbreaker": Alan Branch
A couple of months ago, Branch seemed like a sure fire top 10 pick who could fill the highly-coveted role of defensive anchor/run stuffer. However, concerns about conditioning and and work ethic have arisen. Will he break someone's heart, and will that someone be the Rams?