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    Holt and Chavous on draft day/PD

    Talking heads on NFL Draft day
    By Jim Thomas
    Thursday, Apr. 27 2006

    When it comes to NFL draft analysis, Mel Kiper Jr. won't have a monopoly on the
    conversation this weekend. Two Rams players, wide receiver Torry Holt and
    safety Corey Chavous, will serve as television draft analysts - Holt for ESPN
    and Chavous for the NFL Network.

    In preparation for the draft, Holt and Chavous have been comparing notes and
    even looking at tape together since Chavous signed a free-agent contract with
    the Rams in March.

    "Over the last couple of weeks, I've been studying and watching a lot of film,"
    Holt said. "I've probably studied about 300, 400, 500 guys up to this point
    now. So I'm trying to get some information on guys. I'm going to go up there
    and give the world my analysis on what I think's going to happen in the draft,
    whether I'm right or wrong. But it's fun. It's challenging."

    Chavous and Holt may be offering their opinions on TV this weekend, but they're
    not the only Rams players who are draftniks.

    "Everybody in the locker room's into it," Chavous said. "People may be
    surprised that (NFL) players want to know about the draft, too. But us knowing
    about the draft is knowing about the competition ... knowing about how people
    are competing for your jobs."

    And it helps to get an early read on potential rookie opponents, too.

    "You want to get a heads up on maybe what some guy can do because you're going
    to be playing against him in a couple months," Chavous said. "They don't
    necessarily have a book on us, but we certainly can have a book on them."

    Chavous meticulously puts together DVDs of college players who are NFL
    prospects to aid in his draft preparation. Chavous doesn't necessarily have a
    No. 1 player on his draft board. But he does have a No. 1 favorite.

    "Reggie McNeal," Chavous said, referring to the Texas A&M quarterback. "I think
    he's a heckuva an athlete who's got a tremendous upside.

    "I don't think he'll be a first-day pick. He'll probably be a second-day pick.
    Or maybe even a late-round pick. But I think that's part of what makes the
    draft fun. Everybody has their opinions."

    So who should the Rams take at No. 11?

    "The cornerbacks are good," Holt said. "Tye Hill (of Clemson) is a good player.
    Johnathan Joseph (South Carolina) is a good player. Jimmy Williams (Virginia
    Tech) is a safety to me. I think corner. If we do anything, maybe a good
    corner. Tye Hill or somebody like that."

    Taking a more diplomatic approach, Chavous didn't make a Rams draft prediction.

    "I don't know," he said, laughing. "You look at Charley Armey and what he's
    been able to do, along with the great scouts that they have around here. I've
    had a chance to meet some of the guys. ... Certainly, I'm looking forward to
    seeing what they do. They've done a great job over the years, and they will do
    a great job on draft day."

    We'll soon found out.

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    Re: Holt and Chavous on draft day/PD

    Gotta watch it on ESPN, Torry big game is the greatest at this stuff, dresses the best and knows the most

    it is awesome that 2 of our players are commentating on 2 different networks though


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