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Thread: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

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    An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    For those haters who somehow don't see the dirction the Rams went in 2012, the youth movement bolstered by extra high draft picks, while also recognizing that a handful of real talents were already in place, lets just look at the progress, that was somehow possiblt derailed a bit by Bradford's injury, along with the longer t ime it took this super young team to really jell in all areas.


    Sure, let's start here. After being battered and playing hurt all of that horrific 2011 season, the brain trust kept the faith with Bradford, and he showed last year and the beginning of this year that there is no urgent need here.

    They found out this year that Lellen Clemons, a popular locker room guy, can lead the team to wins against good playoff teams

    The need to draft a guy to be t he backup also seems to be lessening, though at some point, a young QB should be added, just not the first three rounds.

    Running Back:
    They found Richardson in 2012, and the Stacy/Cunningham duo this year.
    So what if Pead hasn't done anything. His talent is there, so who knows, but at any rate, this is a position of strength, and zero need this off season.

    Wide Receiver:
    Next year will be a big key for Brian Quick, to be sure, but he has a body type that only Cook can match as a target, and thus it wouldn't be him that loses a roster spot if they do love Mike Evans. Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey can surely play, Pettis is not that bad, and you have t o hope Givens is having a sophomore slump.
    The talent is surely there, and now all that is needed is experience to make this bunch a huge strength, especially with that kind of depth.

    Tight End:
    kendrick, Har key, and Cook are young, versitile, and extremely gifted athletically.
    This is the best TE group ever for the St Louis Rams, and it's not close.

    Offensive Tackle
    Fisher came in with only oft injured Rodger Saffold in place. Because of the huge need, and the probability of getting a top three, even four tackle in the draft where they picked, they made the big move to sign Long, who has been fine, and should be better next year, more accostomed to his surroundings, with some help from this draft.

    The need is still there, with Saffold likely leaving, though don't count Fisher out on persueding him to stay, and maybe play guard.

    The Rams also discovered Joe Barksdale, who will end up a very valuable backup for awhile.


    Dahl was here, but Fisher found Chris Williams on the scrap heap, another guy with versatility. Still lots of work to do if Dahl cut loose.

    Center ; Wells has been an iffy signing, due to injury. Tim barnes and Barrett Jones look to be fine as the future here.

    Defensive End:
    Long, Quinn, Hayes, Sims the best foursome in the NFL

    Defensive Tackle: Langford has been up and down, probably won't be back. Brockers is a future stud, already very very solid, and Conrath and Cudjo play roles.

    Still the need for another starting tackle, if Langford gone.

    starting with nothing, t he Rams have a star iin Ogletree, and a really good free agent acquisition in Dunbar, Ray Ray Armstrong has talent

    Still could use another guy, but with the Rams in 2 LB defenses so often against teams like New Orleans. probably won't see a high pick here, even if Dunbar not retained as expected.

    The oft maligned Laurinaitis plays every game, and is the brains in the defense front seven.
    He's a team leader, and not going anywhere anytime soon. Always a need for some ilb/special teams guys, and the Rams could look for one in the middle rounds, unless a guy too good to pass on is there in round two or three.

    Again, starting with nothing, Finnegan filled a big role in 2012, even biger a mentor for Johnson, jenkins, McGee, McDonald, and McCleod, and the rest of the very young DBs.

    While you always need more CB, I don't see any rookie beatng out Johnson and Jenkins in 2013. I really doubt the Rams take one in round one. More like a round two target rich area this draft.


    Fisher's biggest error was letting Mikell go. They needed his veteran leadership as weell as his skills. McDonald appears to be a very good third round pick as the SS, and McCeod will have to fight for his job, as will Stewart and the others.

    The Rams will no doubt look at free safeties, both on draft day, and also in free agency.

    K/P Fisher came in with neither, and now has two playing at Pro Bowl level, with a decade at least ahead of them in a Rams uniform. The deep snapperr is also young.

    Returns: Tavon Austin - enuf said

    ST coverage - Armstrong, Bates, and others providing big lift here, helped by Hekker and Zuerlines abilities.

    Now, you add a top pick type franchise tackle, a top college free safety, a gifted DT, and a top guard with your first four picks, and look where you are. Now imagine adding ANOTHER first rounder by dealing down from #2 . Then all FOUR of those additions are first and second round tralents. Maybe that extra #1 turns out to be Evans

    Call me crazy, but even in this impossibly difficult division, I see the Rams starting to really be the talk of the division seen, with a GREAT head coach like Fisher at the helm.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    Great post, seems like the Rams are indeed headed in the right direction. Agree that letting Mikell go was a big mistake; he was one of the better run-stuffing safeties in the league and he could have definitely taught McDonald, McLeod, and Stewart a thing or two. One problem I have in drafting another WR is that the Rams already have a lot of young, athletic talent at the position. I'd much rather them try to sign or trade for a stud #1 WR; somebody who could be productive on the field while at the same time mentoring all the youngsters we have at that position (someone like Boldin would have been perfect for this Rams team). My dream scenario would be for the Rams to trade for Andre Johnson. Not only would he fit perfectly with this team talent-wise, but with HOU in shambles right now I'm sure he would welcome a trade.

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    A very nice breakdown of the roster. Well done and a good read ty.

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    Only area we disagree on is the RB position you say no need there... All of our RB's have been hurt this season except Pead who sadly has not performed to where we hoped he might get to. Not sure what his status is as the coaches don't give him much oppurtunity either. The other 3 backs are doing well especially Zac and Bam Bam but they have had multiple not just one injury this year. That is a huge concern to me going forward, we could use another back hopefully on a larger size scale to round out the rotation. Just my opinion...

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    I think a CB is necessary unless the brass is absolutely SURE Finnegan can rebound. He was truly awful this year, and I would raise an eyebrow if he was still with the team next year.

    But there isn't much talent in the draft according to all the summaries I've read at that position, and there's no decent CBs expected to be available in FA. So 2nd round makes sense.

    For the most part I agree. OL, CB, and S are the biggest needs, and I hope the Rams avail themselves of the depth at the S position in FA. Mikell was a 'against the cap' cut, and ultimately I think that was the right decision as he's one of the older players on the team. But it hurt quite a bit this year - but we know now that TJ McDonald can ball.

    It sure seems that Fisher is taking the long view on this rebuilding process, and as frustrating as that can be with the length of time the Rams have been bad, that is exactly what we needed.

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    Well done Barry. I agree with all your points. However, unless the Rams draft Jake Matthews, I don't see Joe Barksdale as a back-up, he and Saffold have proven to be an excellent tandem on the right side as it relates to pass protection and the run game. Which goes to your point about Jeff trying to convince Rodger to stay, after he tests the market. There will always be a needy team to offer big $, but Rodger may be smart enough to see what he can part of with the Rams.

    The strength of this draft appears to be mid-first to mid-second. We are well positioned to exploit that.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    You make some good points, Barry, but I'm wondering about the thread title...

    Has someone posted a DISHONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead Rebuild?
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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    One thing that will be working in our favor is SEA and SF having to work the cap in the next few years trying to retain their top guys while we be coming off the Sam's huge rookie deal and almost half our team already under the rookie CBA

    The only huge mistakes Fisher and Snead have made so far have been Pead in the 2nd and drafting Brian Quick over Alshon Jeffery. But drafting Stacy in the 5th round has made up for the Pead pick and Quick has shown signs of growth

    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenWing View Post
    Also, craig dahl still sucks.

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    Re: An HONEST Look at the Fisher/Snead rebuild

    No front office can hit on everybody, but this particular front office has hit on way more than our last few regimes, that's for sure. Of particular note is the rate in which we hit in the later rounds, something that seemed virtually impossible to do before they came in.

    Stacy and (projecting) Barrett this year, Richardson, Zuerlein, Givens last year. Sure there were still some misses, but previous years you could pretty much count on anyone past the 3rd round not contributing or even really sticking with the team after a couple years.

    We really seem to have an eye for finding undrafted gems too. Ray Ray and Cody Davis have been good on special teams, Cunningham is becoming a strong contributor in the running game, Hekker is obvious, and both Corey Harkey and Rodney McLeod are making a name for themselves.
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