John McClain is as credible as it gets, as a 35 year NFL beat writer and columnist with the Chronicle.

He is saying quite vociferously, that he is absolutely certain that the Texans will not take Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick. This will become more sure for the rest of us before draft day, as the Texans negotiate with the top QBs to try to get one signed early.

McClain feels the need for a QB, the fact that Clowney doesn't fit the 3-4 , and that other than forty time, he isn't as good as Mario Williams was, and they didn't win with him in Houston.

They also didn't win with a backup acquired in a trade, so i don't see their fans being positive about that type deal either. And Michael Vick is no Warren Moon.

If I am the Texans GM and owner, I would much prefer the fan disappointment in the future if the favorite son, Johnny Football, isn't a Hall of Famer one day, or even if he is quite average, a career backup, to the hellstorm that would happen if he goes to Jacksonville, also a team looking to energize fans with passing offense, and becomes a star.

I will go with McClain on this, and because Manziel will be their #1 guy, they won't risk dealing down below the Jaguars.

That's a perfect scenario for the Rams, and the possibilities are endless.

1. Does Cleveland, with an extra #1, make sure they get the second best QB before the Jaguars by trading their second rounder plus the 4th pick?

2. Does Atlanta get the guy they want, who wants them, Clowney, by dealing up to #2, or even to #4 AFTER a Rams, Browns deal? Can you imagine this possible scenario ?

The only problem is that the Jaguars, with t he top two QB gone, may not be in love with t he #3, and might prefer Clowney, OR a deal down to #6 themselves.

I still make my own fearless prediction, that the Rams will end up 6th, and the top five picks will be the three QB and Clowney, and either Mack or Watkins.

At pick #6, I see a debate between Fisher and Snead about which OT to pick.

Snead has a history of preferring higher upside guys, even if slightly Raw and low mileage, like Michael Brockers and Ogletree and Jenkins, as well as Quick and Pead.

If all three of the top OT are available at #6, might the Rams deal down a bit more, to a team wanting Watkins badly, like the Lions at pick 10, or Buffalo at 9?

If you can add two or three second round picks by dealing down, and still get a top three OT, even top two, it's jackpot time in a deep draft.

Pick 13 is gonna be interesting as well, and Snead migh prefer a move down there to add yet another second rounder.

Even at pick 20, a top two safety or top three CB will surely be there.

I would think Snead loves all five of those players, so they could add a pick and let it sort out which they end up with.

I'm gonna assume the Rams re-sign Saffold and Williams, or another low cap veteran guard.

Now you have all these picks, available to deal down into round one with a package.

You leave your highest round two pick, and bundle two to move up to , say 25th.

Now you can get BOTH the safety and CB you love with picks 20 and 25, or Subsitute a WR if one falls, and get what you didn't early round two.

It's a dream scenario, obviously, but all the moves make sense to both teams, especially if the QBs r eally clarify the oredr they should go.

It all starts with one going first, and the talk in Houston seems to be it's QB all the way .

Rick Smith doesn't have the clout that Charlie Casserly did when he passed on Reggie Bush and Vince Young for Mario Williams.

Another poor year and Smith is toast, (Gms usually get a year more than coaches) so he can't go without a good QB right now.
Snead is known as "trader Les" already, and he loves that label. He and his pal Dimitroff are pretty sure to do business again, as they did quite unexpectedly, last year.