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    How Bout Jake Long Now!

    if you watched the Michigan-Florida Game, then you saw a beast.. we need to draft him.. he would help the rams alot now since pace can't stay healthy and alex is always trying to get a good jump on the defense.

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    Re: How Bout Jake Long Now!

    thats the problem...what if pace DOES stay healthy? then we wasted a good draft pick for someone who could possibly be benched all season...=/

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    Re: How Bout Jake Long Now!

    I think what we see with Pace is a whole lot of uncertainty. What makes Chris Long a surer bet is because we are certain where specifically the need is. We need a better pass rush, and we need to continue to grow stout against the run.

    Chris Long is the two of player who can fill both of those holes very nicely.

    But you look at the OL, and all you see are questions....

    Can Pace stay healthy?
    Is Barron really a starter?
    Will Romberg be brought back?
    Is Incognito a bull-headed tough guy, or is he a quality player?
    How convinced are we that Setterstrom is the answer?

    I think Incognito is entrenched as a starter, I can't see many other options than Romberg at this point in time, and I think that Barron, for better or worse, will be a starter next year.

    I can see someone being brought in to compete with Setterstom- I'm banging the Jacob Bell drum. That leaves one spot on the OL that could potentially be filled by Pace, who has played nine games over two seasons. But he's often hurt, and what do we have nehind him if he goes down again? But he's a great player. Do you see where the catch 22 is?

    If we take a great player like Jake Long, there's the possibility that he could be sitting for at least one or maybe even two seasons, despite the fact that he is such a great prospect; for the sole reason that we are comitted to both Pace as a 52 Million dollar man, and Barron, as a first round pick with 2 years left on his contract. On the flip side, if we take Chris Long, we know he'll be at least a part of the rotation right away, and will be worked into the starting lineup at least by year's end; as James Hall is unspectacular and Leonard Little is ageing, and what's worse, expensive.

    Which is why my preference is to invest in a player that you know will be a contributor from the get go. And to fill the void at OT, you grab one in round two, because there's great depth at the position. There's Jeff Otah, Godser Cherilus, Sam Baker, Michael Oher and Chris Williams, all fringe first round talents who could last until round 2 because of the sheer depth of this OL class. And if he sits for a season? He's not being paid the big bucks, but at the same time providing quality insurance for Pace, and a replacement starter in years coming.

    Look at how Rd.2 pick Kahliff Barnes has worked out as a starter in Jacksonville.

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: How Bout Jake Long Now!

    well it was a thought.. maybe we can draft O line after round one.

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