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    How does Kennedy affect FA/Draft

    How does Jimmy Kennedy affect the Rams as they conitnue to move into free agency and the draft.

    We all know that Kennedy sucks playing NT so we can all admit that NT is a huge need.

    Can Kennedy play the 3 technique, if he can then the need at the 3 technique is not that importnat we wopuld have good size at the position?

    Or is Kennedy a complete right off and we need to move on to Claude Wroten.

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    Re: How does Kennedy affect FA/Draft

    I dont see any way that we can have glover and wroten on the field together on running downs. On the other hand, how much worse could it be up the middle than it was last year anyway?

    Good question by Country.

    Personally, i think that with kennedy in the last year of his contract i believe, he wont be cut, but no one is counting on him for all that much, which is why i think that we will try to address the position in the draft. I dont think it means that we are going to take any defensive tackle other than okoye or branch at 13, we have too many other holes, especially at defensive end.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: How does Kennedy affect FA/Draft

    Kennedy has always played the UT. Last year was his first at NT, and it has taken a little.........I'll be kind and say "adjustment". Can he learn from that and develop this year with more blocker swallowing and less UT instincts to get to the backfield? I hope so, because is the only option for now.

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    Re: How does Kennedy affect FA/Draft

    We're drafting a NT, He doesn't affect it at all.


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