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    How excited are you?

    Not to be off topic, or even have a useless thread, but how excited are you?

    Were about 4-5 days away from the draft, and the tension/excitement is building up.

    I just remembered that anything can happen and we can choose anyone! Not to stick to just one person.

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    Re: How excited are you?

    i am excited because I see this draft as a major step forward in the rebuilding of the Rams and the schedule comes out Tuesday and then the 3 day draft,lots to talk about by the end of the week, it should be fun.

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    Re: How excited are you?

    Super stoked for the draft, however not stoked that it will take an entire extended weekend to get through. I doubt my girlfriend will be excited either.

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    Re: How excited are you?

    Extremely excited, I've been ancy over the draft for about 2 months now, so close! Also, irritated it will take three days. I like the 2 day format better, but honestly I think it should be one day.

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    Re: How excited are you?

    I am so excited that I have decided to take the day off and stay up all Thursday night to watch the draft (you can add 6 hours to the east coast time then you will have the time here in Denmark).

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    Re: How excited are you?

    i`m looking forward to it a lot...i like the new of the few NFL changes in recent years that i have liked.
    also with the new format this year, even if it does not in the end make any difference to whom we select,how many picks will make our picks more sought after by other teams...which can`t be a bad thing.
    it means we`ll have to wait three days to know our entire draft class..but well..once its over we gotta wait 4 months before anything else exciting on the playing field front occurs so we might aswell make the most of the draft weekend...and embrace the fact that the drama is longer than in the past.

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