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Amazing come back on that RB. I guess since I was a little boy and knew the Rams didn't have much of a chance most years I should have not watched them at all and became a fan of someone else? It's called being a fan and every year I say we're going to the Bowl and I love the heartache also. So get off the I (so I can say I told you so ) crap and undrestand that is just one's opinion....Mine! I'm not a Bulger Guy sorry I don't think he has the Game to do it! But if he does..... he proved me wrong! And better yet the Rams win Bottomline!
It wasn't a comeback it was a legitimate question. There's a difference between saying they don't have much of a chance, and saying he will NEVER win a SB. I would only say he would never win if I wanted to say I told you so later. :tongue: