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Thread: How many players are you "certain" will go in the top 15?

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    How many players are you "certain" will go in the top 15?

    In trying to figure out who will be available at pick #16, we first have to assess which players are "certain" (in quotes, as nothing it truly certain) to go in the top 15.

    My list has 10 players on it (in alphabetical order):

    Ezekiel Ansah
    Eric Fisher
    Sharif Floyd
    Luke Joekel
    Lane Johnson
    Dion Jordan
    Star Lotulelei
    Dee Milliner
    Xavier Rhodes
    Geno Smith

    That leaves 5 spots unaccounted for before the Rams pick.

    If I'm right about the 10, that makes me feel pretty good, as that would mean that at least one of the six players I have as "first tier" targets would be availabe at #16. They are (again, in alphabetical order): Keenan Allen, Tavon Austin, Jonathan Cooper, D.J. Fluker, Cordarrelle Patterson and Chance Warmack.



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    Re: How many players are you "certain" will go in the top 15?

    Obviously, Fisher and Joekel seem to be locks....but if you look at the teams that need Oline help in the top 14 picks....there are so many....

    Chiefs, Raiders, Eagles, Lions, Cards, Bills, Chargers, Dolphins, and even a few others that could like Jets etc...

    The past few years have proven that good Offensive Line help is a high priority, even over better Defensive Tackles......

    I think that would lock up a minimum of 4 Oline picks in top 15 --- probably 5 and maybe even 6.....

    So, I would say Joekel, Fisher, Warmack, Fluker all definately gone by pick #15 (sub Cooper if you have him ranked higher)

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    Re: How many players are you "certain" will go in the top 15?

    How many players are you "certain" will go in the top 15?
    Well, I would think 15 players will certainly be gone by the time we pick at 16...

    Oh, you want to know which players? Sorry...

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    Re: How many players are you "certain" will go in the top 15?

    I like your list, Av, but would probably include Mingo and maybe drop Geno Smith off of it.

    My reason is as follows. We're down to about 4 teams that could realistically go after a 1st round QB: Jaguars(2), Eagles(4), Bills(8), and Jets(9). Jags have a new coaching staff, but a young and supposedly NFL ready bust.. errr, QB. They could very well move on from Gabbert, but I'm not sure. Eagles have Vick, but I really want to say that they held onto him only because he dropped his salary and they want to wait until next year's crop. They could jump on Smith though, if Kelly thinks he's athletic enough.

    Now, the Bills have gotten Kolb, but he's not the answer; they are drafting someone. But at 8, with no one really looking for a QB after them... can they skip QB early and come back in the 2nd or trade into the 1st and get one later(this is how I played them in our mock)? The only worry for them would be the QB needy teams grabbing QB's in the early second or trading up. That could lead them to go for it as they could be down to their 5th guy by the time they pick again.

    Now, the Jets have no reason to go after a QB this year. The crop sucks, they have to pay Sanchez, and they don't even have a long term head coach to determine what kind of QB that they want and need. As such, they're going to double down on USC and go for Barkley. Why? Because the Jets are a train wreck.

    Anyway, I want to think that at least one QB will go in the top 15... but I just get some feeling that the teams still wanting early QB's are going to play a low stakes game of chicken and go for better talent first and then scramble on the back end. Is it smart? Probably not... but if I had job security, I'd go for talent, suck it up next year and get a better QB in the early 1st next year.
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