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  • Strong: I don't want anyone with multiple incidents of any kind (drugs, violence).

    5 22.73%
  • Moderate: I'm fine with a small mistake or two as long as it doesn't look like a serious pattern.

    15 68.18%
  • Low: I'm willing to look the other way on just about anything if the kid has talent.

    0 0%
  • None: They're football players! Judge them by what they do on the field, not off it!

    2 9.09%
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    How much emphasis do you put on character?

    Simple question. When evaluating rookie prospects, how heavily does their character of a prospect or any character concerns weigh on your mind?

    Are you strict in that you want only fine upstanding citizens on your team? Are you okay with a minor mistake as long as it's nothing serious or part of a pattern? Will you overlook a lot if the prospect is a talented player that could really help us? Or do you think football players should be judged on how they play football and nothing else?

    Given the legal problems of Dominique Byrd, I'm intrigued to see where Rams fans stand on the general character of the players they want to pursue.

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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    I want to look at the big picture on a player. If you completely ignore character, you can wind up with a team like the Bengals that has lots of talent but faces constant distractions because their players are getting arrested and/or facing NFL suspensions. Not only is that a problem because your guys may lose focus or not be able to play at all, but that's also not the kind of team I want to root for. But you shouldn't be judgmental to the point that you can't recognize that a guy has learned his lesson or was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean wasn't Pisa arrested in high school or something? And now he's one of the guys I'd point to as a positive role model. A guy can screw up, but I think you need to look at his attitude and lifestyle choices and make a call as to how that may affect the team.

    As for Byrd, well, in college he got his jaw broken in a fight with a teammate over a video game. That tells me that a) his conduct can keep him off the playing field and b) he might not be the best thing for team chemistry. Of course, it didn't make that much difference that his jaw was broken because he was academically ineligible to play at the time anyway. His work ethic had also been called into question. You look at the big picture there, and it is troublesome because the overall impression is of a guy who couldn't keep his personal life in order enough to keep it from affecting his game.

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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    Character is huge in my eyes. These kids are representing a franchise and as we know are idols for alot kids including me.

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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Pisa a bit of a 'problem child' in his younger days?

    He had questionable incidents in his past. Apparently, someone took him aside, explained to him that acting that way would land his butt in jail, and if he wanted to straighten up, he could make a good name for himself.

    Youthful indiscretions will happen. Immaturity in a professional cannot be tolerated. As long as it is not a consistent problem, the player might turn around, and become a highly respected person. If it is a pattern of 'repeat offenses', pass on him. The Rams are a football team, not a reform school.


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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    It depends on the guy's talent, and how much we really need a good player. Is it all worth it? It always depends on the scenario we happen to show up in. I don't know much about the Bengals, but what I do know is that Marvin Lewis is a good coach, and can discipline yet they have so many players breaking so many laws, its unheard of...Is this because of their draft(s), were they warned that they were getting players that were going to be immature like that? I don't know, but I doubt every player that got into trouble with that team was also a draft pick that was "trouble". So, it is really difficult to say...At this point in life though, I would expect anyone to take a job like this seriously, but some people just never grow up I guess...
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    By Robert Patrick

    A Manchester man has filed a civil suit against the St. Louis Rams rookie tight end who he says hit him in the head with a glass at a nightclub Dec. 4.

    Jason DeRouchie's lawsuit says Dominique Byrd struck him in the face and forehead with a glass "without provocation or warning," causing "serious, permanent and disfiguring" cuts.

    The suit seeks compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages.

    Byrd also faces criminal charges for the alleged early-morning incident at the Pepper Lounge at 2005 Locust Street. He was charged Dec. 4 with two felonies, second-degree assault and armed criminal action, for the alleged assault on DeRouchie and misdemeanor third-degree assault for allegedly grabbing a woman's buttocks.

    According to the charging documents, Byrd and DeRouchie exchanged words after Byrd grabbed the woman. Byrd then smashed a cocktail glass across DeRouchie's face, prosecutors say. Police at the time said DeRouchie was taken to the hospital for stitches but Byrd declined treatment for cuts on his hand.

    Byrd was drafted in the third round this year out of the University of Southern California. A spokesman for the Rams did not respond to questions about Byrd's status, but at the time charges were filed, Coach Scott Linehan said that he was still evaluating the incident.

    Nuff said :\

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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    None: They're football players! Judge them by what they do on the field, not off it!

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    Re: How much emphasis do you put on character?

    it's character that really qualifies a person to overcome the bad times...without character, that person is doomed to stay down...


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