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    HUb's top 13 picks, and 7 rds of Rams

    I was gonna wait til the weekend, but what the heck.....

    1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU - The franchise QB has to be the pick. Plenty of upside with a high risk......sounds like Al Davis' kind of guy.

    2. Tampa (trade w/ Det) - Calvin Johnson, WR, GA Tech - I know, I know, I don't like trades in a mock either, but this one is too easy. Gruden wants Johnson as does the rest of the league. If Tampa doesn't make this move, the Falcons do, and Gruden ain't havin' that.

    3. Cleveland - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame - Weis got his passer all trained up for his buddy, Romeo. Frye is good, but Quinn can be better, and may start from day 1.

    4. Detroit (trade w/ Tampa) - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson - After consoling Martz who saw a glimmer of Calvin Johnson in his scheme, Marinelli takes the best DL on the board.

    5. Arizona - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin - Perfect spot for the Cards......they fill their biggest need with BPA.

    6. Washington - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska - Adams would have been the pick if there, but he ain't. So the skins have to find another way to build their horrendous pass rush.....and a 300 lb. DE with 16.5 sacks over the past 26 games may do the trick.

    7. Minnesota - Laron Landry, S, LSU - Tough spot for the Vikes. They need a WR bad, but nobody available for value at this pick. Peterson is an option, but they've got a 1200 yarder runner back there in Taylor. So....BPA it is.

    8. Atlanta - Levi Brown, OT, Penn St. - Bad break for the 'cons. They were hoping for Landry in this spot. But no matter, Petrino is doing away with the zone blocking up front and needs some ugly apes to power up the line.....might as well start now.

    9. Miami - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan - They wanted a QB, but no dice. Traylor was born in the 60's and there is no other size on their DL. Zach Thomas needs some bulk up front, and the ageless Traylor won't last forever.

    10. Houston - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma - And some people made fun of them for skipping Bush. They knew Peterson would be here this year.....didn't they?

    11. San Fran - Ted Ginn, Jr., WR, Ohio St. - Who exactly is Alex Smith supposed to throw the ball to? Davis and Gore are weapons, but that offense will be limited without a true deep threat. Enter Ginn.

    12. Buffalo - Patrick Willis, ILB, Ole Miss - They lost 2/3rds of their LB starting talent. The Bills have to have a MLB that can take over and lead that D from day 1. Tall order for a rookie, but if there's one that can do it, it's Willis.

    And the moment you've all been waiting for.....

    13. St. Louis - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - He's Linehan and Hasletts boy all along. He will go a long way to helping the interior of that line. The only real obstacles to this are Washington @ 6, Miami @ 9, and SF @ 11. If he gets by those (which he very well could), the African Teen is ours.

    2nd round - Stewart Bradley, OLB, Nebraska - The best true SAM in the draft
    3rd round - Brian Robison, DE, Texas - A workhorse that has traveled north on the boards this spring
    4th round - Fred Bennett, CB, S. Carolina - A good man cover corner; should fit well into Haslett's scheme
    5th round - Yamon Figurs, KR, Kansas St. - May not be here at this point, but if so, we have our return man
    6th round - Adam Podlesh, P, Maryland - His biggest knock in college was that he typically outkicked his coverage.....shouldn't be a problem in the NFL
    7th round - Alonzo Coleman, RB, Hampton - Should fill in nice as a scat back, but plays stronger than you'd expect from a 3rd down guy
    7th round - Ken Shackleford, OT/OG, Georgia - Raw, but massive athlete who could play outside or inside
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    Re: HUb's top 13 picks, and 7 rds of Rams

    I hope your right on our 1st pick, and wouldnt mind if we got the rest of them too. Good job.

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    Re: HUb's top 13 picks, and 7 rds of Rams

    Can't we just take Carriker and Bradley?

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    Re: HUb's top 13 picks, and 7 rds of Rams

    Okoye could make it to the Rams because the Redskins need a pass rush, the Dolphins could go CB or OT and the ***** biggest need is at WR.

    I put it at 40% chanve.

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    Re: HUb's top 13 picks, and 7 rds of Rams

    Nice list, although i don't think they'll draft a punter, also i think they'll pick up an RB earlier than the 7th round


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