JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. I think if Boldin signs in the next few days -- we have a chance to trade Torry Holt

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    I think if Boldin signs in the next few days -- we have a chance to trade Torry Holt

    The Rams have found to takers for Torry Hold because the leauge knows he is due 1.25 mil from the Rams and will probably be cut by the 17th to avoid the Cap Hit.

    If Boldin signs today or this weekend, especially if he stays with Cards, I think we have a good shot of trading Torry before the 17th.

    Both the Titans and Philly should serious consider a trade for HOlt and we can give :

    Torry and our 2nd


    Eagles 1st rounder (the later pick)
    Titans 1st rounder

    Some people will say why would they do this if holt is going to be cut?

    I think if the Eagels don't get Boldin they have to get a player to please McNabb and on a veteren team their window for oppurtunity is closing.

    Same on the Titans. They need a vet WR that could give them a chance next year because after that there is no guarantee that they will have their team together.

    Plus you have to think if you trade for Torry and he is successful you have a much better shot of keeping him for a cheap price the following season.

    I think torry can be a good #2 WR for 2 years on a team that is older and ready to win now.

    Teams I think Torry would fit:

    Dallas (no 1st rounder)
    Cards (if Boldin leaves)

    Yes, it is true Torry is expensive and the Rams will probably cut him but if you want to secure Holt's service you have to trade for him.

    Otherwise he may go eleswhere for security.

    PS -- Funny how D-day is the 17th for Holt and that so happens to be Avery's number.

    So I say 65% chance torry is cut

    35% chance torry is traded

    comments ?

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    Re: I think if Boldin signs in the next few days -- we have a chance to trade Torry H

    At this point, I see two possibile outcomes:

    1. A team, not wanting to get in a bidding war for Holt's services, offers a pick in Rounds 4-6; or

    2. Holt is released.

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