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    I want to know...

    Assuming C Long is taken by the Phins that we should pick Dorsey or J Long over Gholston.

    My opinion is address a position that we are in need of. Ofcourse, there is argument that if we draft J Long or Dorsey that we would have that position set for several years. Though that may be true, what about the DE position? We need that position attended to now and for several years. We have Leonard Little....and who? Exactly, NO BODY. We don't have any other DE worthy of mentioning.

    Don't get me wrong, Dorsey and J Long are incredible players. Players that are going to make an impact on whatever team they land in. We have two proven DT's out of Ryan and Carriker, who may I add are really young. Getting Dorsey would just put one of the two on the bench, not doing anything except watching. If we keep Ryan and Carriker in the game to improve, who knows what kind of stars they may be in a few years. All I know is that we have TWO proven DT's out of Carriker and Ryan. No need to draft Dorsey.

    As for Jake Long, this one gets a little more complicated. We do have a line, we got Jacob Bell who is going to make an impact. My main concern is what if the line stays healthy, what if (in order) Pace, Bell, Incognito, Setterstrom and Barron all stay healthy. What would be of Jake Long. I understand, that if we draft Jake Long, I will not be as upset because Pace is quite up there in age, and may I add injury prone.

    Each line has a player up there in age and should be addressed this year in the draft. We have Orlando Pace on the O Line and Leonard Little on the D Line. These guys still have some left in the tank, but it would be wise to start addressing these two positions FIRST.

    Now let me put my opinion into this year's draft.
    We draft in the first round Vernon Gholston if Chris Long is not available. We read that Gholston (when he plays Madden) that he loves playing as the Rams. That gave me this feeling that he would love to be here. He would love to be a part of this franchise. I think he would be a great part of our young defensive line building. Like everyone says, it's rebuilding time for our beloved Rams.

    As for Jake Long, I won't be upset if we draft him since our OLine seems to get injured alot.

    However, I think we need a body at DE because we're lacking one right now. I'm sorry, moving Carriker back to DE might not work at all. He's been a great player at DT, don't risk moving him for Dorsey.

    If you guys have any argument on why we should bring in Dorsey, please, address them. I would love to be convinced that Dorsey would be a great pick, but the situation we're in, (already having two proven DT's and a need at DE and OL) I don't think he's a wise pick.


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    Re: I want to know...

    Who says they'll be on the bench if we draft Dorsey. I wouldn't exactly call someone proven just after their rookie season. Jake Long will start somewhere.

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    Re: I want to know...

    Quote Originally Posted by 39thebeast View Post
    Who says they'll be on the bench if we draft Dorsey. I wouldn't exactly call someone proven just after their rookie season.
    That is a great point... and what happens to Cliff over a full season of play and other teams have enough film to figure out his moves?


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