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View Poll Results: If _____ drops, the Rams should be on the phone.

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  • Rey Maualuga, LB, USC

    39 55.71%
  • Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland

    6 8.57%
  • Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

    10 14.29%
  • Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State

    0 0%
  • Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

    4 5.71%
  • Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

    5 7.14%
  • Other (list below)

    6 8.57%
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    Re: If ________ falls past pick #20, Devaney should start working the phones to trade

    Quote Originally Posted by richtree View Post
    I think the real question you have to ask here is ,

    What team drafting 20-25 will wan't to give up their first round pick (probable starter) to drop down.
    Depends on what their needs are and what we're offering. Last year, the Falcons were able to move back into the first round last year to take Sam Baker, but it cost them 2 second rounders and 1 third. The Packers traded their second rounder (#36) and a fourth to move back into the first (#30). So it's hardly unprecedented, but one could certainly question whether it would be worth the cost.

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    Re: If ________ falls past pick #20, Devaney should start working the phones to trade

    I voted OTHER. If Matthew Stafford, BJ Raji or Eugene Moore/Jason Smith (sp*) fall that far, then dial up ASAP.

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    Re: If ________ falls past pick #20, Devaney should start working the phones to trade

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post

    Let me guess... does his name rhyme with "Benny Kritt"?
    No way, man. Lenny Spitt is easily top ten material.

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    Re: If ________ falls past pick #20, Devaney should start working the phones to trade

    As far as everything I have read goes, I believe that we already have 10 offensive linemen, and just picked up another OT that is what, 26 years old? That isn't something you just get to have. A 20-something year old is someone that obviously has growing potential. It, to me, seemed like a free OT draft pick during the FA.
    (Daren Heerspink, 24 year old from the Miami Dolphins)
    You don't get a 24 year old guy to add "depth." That is purely developmental. If they wanted depth, they would get a 29-32 year old veteran with experience who hasn't quite hit the lower part of their career yet. This to me says that you can rule out OT in the first, and maybe even second round.

    Based on Spags being the coach, and the team picking up the free agents that we have been grabbing, that he might want to defensively focus on the draft.

    Chad Lucas ---This guy--->(Chad Lucas, 27 years old, WR, 2007 Tampa Bay) I believe Spags has gone fishing for a diamond, with almost half of the Draft Picks being young guys who haven't exactly proven themselves, but maybe he knows something we don't...

    All I know, is those were our two "GLARING" needs, and we have already built up stock around them. Not to mention this guy;

    Adam Goldberg will be back next year too (OT - Offensive Lineman substitue extrordinaire.)

    So I expect a draft pick of Aaron Curry to fall in place for the Rams at the #2 pick at this point. Following that, Unless there is some remarkable fallout, I would pretty much think that Brandon Pettigrew would warrant some attention. Anthony Becht was a here and gone TE, and we could use the extra reinforcement at the offensive line, as well as a capable receiver who plays big and physical (Spags) football. He would finalize the offensive line, while adding "depth" to our passing game.

    If he was available coming into the early - mid 20's, I believe we could possibly make a hop skip and a jump up to take him, unless there is a more prominent star still falling. I do not belive that a mid-later level first round pick would cost TOO much, since all of our picks are the high end of each round anyways. our 2nd round pick #35, is essentially a late 1st rounder for those teams who don't get another pick until around pick 64-ish (Pittsburg Steelers) and some others. I believe, depending on the trade up-ness required for whoever, that Philly would be a team to wheel and deal with. Since they have 2 picks in the 20s, (21 & 28), they would be ideal because if we had 2-3 guys still on our board in the first round, we could figure out whether we NEED to jump to 21, or possibly seek out the later 28th pick to still get quality out of the first round. If we had two guys on the board, and only thought there was one team willing to take one of them, we could just wait, but if both or a single individual that we wanted was not going to make it through the 20s, we could seek out the #21, and Philly would still be strong in the draft at 28.

    Either way, I doubt we will be trading around much, and all I can hope is that BP (Pettigrew) falls down into the 2nd round. TE's don't often see too much 1st round action, and most draft mocks "which are mostly a joke, but there is reason and logic behind them" don't even project him in the first round. Where every scout and expert seems to say he could go between the 11th and 30th pick, none of them seem to put him down on the paper when all is said and done. If this is the case, he could be a good buy at #35.
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    Re: If ________ falls past pick #20, Devaney should start working the phones to trade

    I would love to see Pettigrew fall to us. Would love that.

    Wouldn't mind Cornelius Ingram in the later rounds as a consolation prize.

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