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    If Bobby Carpenter is still there late-1st, should we.... up for him? It would likely take our 2nd and 3rd-round picks to get the strongside LB from Ohio State.

    Let's say we draft either Jimmy Williams, Huff or Vernon Davis at #11, then Bobby Carpenter falls...and falls...until about pick #25 (Giants) or pick #28 (Jags). Perhaps if we dangle our 2nd and 3rd-rounders one of those teams could bite, although they'd have to fall to #46, along with all of that team's 2nd and 3rd-round picks.

    I'd say if he ends up falling that far, we wait until he falls to the early-2nd round, until a pick that we'd only have to trade our 2nd-and 4th (or maybe 5th) round picks. But he could be gone by then.

    I say if we end up getting a good-tackling safety like Huff/shutdown Corner like Williams, or defense-stretching Tight End like Vernon Davis, then if we could land Carpenter to shore up our Strongside LB, we'd be set until the 2nd day. We could go D-End in rd. 4, TE or DT in Rd. 5, best av. player in rds. 6-7.

    Is it worth it, or just sit tight in each round?

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    Re: If Bobby Carpenter is still there late-1st, should we....

    Na. Just sit still. Plenty of other holes to fill to give up alot for him.

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    Re: If Bobby Carpenter is still there late-1st, should we....

    It would likely cost a little more than just our second and third rounder to move up to 25th or 28th overall. I would probably wait and see if he's there at the top of the second round and trade with either Houston or New Orleans. It'd still cost our second and third, but we could get an early or mid second day pick back.


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