Even if it is a RUMOR, or if it isn't . We have heard on here that there is a heated debate between some coaches on DEFENSE and maybe the FO.


IF it is a rumor , than the RAMS are playing hardball to make this draft work .

IFit's true and this staff is fighting over players , this isn't at all good. BUT one thing is for sure DEVANEY was hired to fix what the RAMS have been doing for a long time , and that is coaches picking players that they have some fascination with ( PHILLIPS -ARCHULETTA - THOMAS - CANIDATE -KENNEDY - LEWIS etc. you get what i mean ).

If the FO. has really changed it's stripes , then it should LET DEVANEY DO " HIS JOB " and tell the coaches ' thanks for all your input and we will make the selection as we see best for the team and franchise . Or in other words THANK YOU , NOW SHUT UP AND SITDOWN .