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View Poll Results: If the Rams were to pass on Julio Jones, I'd be...

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  • absoutely shocked.

    29 52.73%
  • surprised, but not entirely shocked.

    18 32.73%
  • not particularly surprised at all.

    6 10.91%
  • vindicated (as I'm predicting it will happen).

    0 0%
  • happy (as I don't want Jones).

    2 3.64%
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    Re: If Julio Jones is there at #14 and the Rams pass on him, I'd be...

    The more you think about it, the Rams draft is very tough.

    Jones more than likely will be gone and then there will be decisions to made. DE? DT? OLB?

    Then Round 2 will have an even tougher decision if we take a defensive player in Round 1..Can we then afford to not get a WR/RB in round 2 ?

    Rounds 2 and 3 will be very interesting.....also, late in the draft we need to take a risk earlier....we passed on Selive 2 times and were lucky to get him on the roster.....

    Will Hill, Terrance Toliver, and many other guys will fall to late rounds ....this is where you find special team players and depth that can be developed for years to come....

    The key to this draft is 3 things:

    1. Draft Athletes
    2. Draft Aggressive
    3. All high risks late

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    Re: If Julio Jones is there at #14 and the Rams pass on him, I'd be...

    Quote Originally Posted by RAMarkable View Post

    I think you are operating under a false presupposition. It's not that the Rams need another WR as much as it's more like they need some HEALTHY wideouts.

    If we can get Avery, Clayton and Alexander to stay relatively healthy next year then we are not going to have the problems at this position that many anticipate. Moreover, if just two out of those three stay somewhat healthy then we will still be fine going forward.

    Also, factor in a developing Gilyard and Gibson and we have the makings of a decent if not proficient WR corps.

    I do think that Rams could use some more experience and the skills that a veteran could bring. I think one of the problems with the Rams wideouts is youth and inexperience. Adding a player like Mr. Jones-as talented as he may be-does nothing to help in this area.

    Finally, the last 2 SB winners, NO and GB, have both shown that you can win a championship without the expenditure of high first round picks on the wide receiver position.

    This is the model I'd like to see the Rams follow.

    I think you might be projecting a little too much here. I like the potential of all of our receivers too, but none of them have proven that they are irreplaceable. Sometimes I look at these guys and think, man we SHOULD be stacked here if all these guys could live up to their potential. But I dont think we can pass up on a talent like Julio Jones while we sit around waiting for our current WRs to be as good as they could be, which is no guarantee. Not to mention they get hurt too much.

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    Re: If Julio Jones is there at #14 and the Rams pass on him, I'd be...

    I would rather have green... lol while were all wishfully thinking

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