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    If Sanchez is a bluff, how far will the Rams go with it?

    "With the second pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select.... Mark Sanchez, QB, USC."

    If we hear those words at about 4:10 p.m. EST on Saturday, will you believe that Sanchez is a member of the Rams?

    I not sure I will... at least not immediately.

    The Rams are clearly publicizing their interest in Sanchez at least in part for the purpose of enticing someone to trade up. If such a trade is to happen, there's no guarantee it will happen before the Rams make their pick.

    Another scenario that could occur would involve a contingent trade. The Rams could, for example, agree to a trade that would send Sanchez to the Redskins or the Broncos in exchange for their first pick (and other draft choices) that is contingent upon a player they are targetting being available at the pick they obtain (i.e. will Michael Oher still be there at pick #13?).

    Of course, such a move is risky. The Rams need to be prepared for the possibility that such a trade could fall apart, leaving them with Sanchez.

    So, for me, if Sanchez's name is called when the Rams make their pick, I won't be convinced that he's a Ram until at least halfway through the first round.

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    Re: If Sanchez is a bluff, how far will the Rams go with it?

    its a very risky move, not one that i would be keen on

    i cant remember if this is the case, but when the Chargers did the same thing with Eli Manning, hadnt the Giants already tried to trade up before the draft?

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    Re: If Sanchez is a bluff, how far will the Rams go with it?

    Remember, that all trades on draft day are usually talked about at some point before the draft, and I'm absolutely certain that the Rams are using this talk of them taking Sanchez to try to entice other parties to dealing with them, as well as saying that they'd be willing to pick up Sanchez and trade him "at a discount" to the Skins, or Jets or Broncos, for maybe a mix of players and picks. Hey, it's what I'd do.

    Yes, it's what the Chargers did, but it was pretty much worked out before the draft began that the trade with the Giants was going to happen. Eli wasn't upset with them, so he'd accept the Giants trying to sign him, so it was win win for both teams. And given the relative success, I'd agree. NY won the super bowl, but SD hasn't been shabby either.

    I'll probably be rather upset if we take Sanchez, but if he's gone before the Jets pick, then I'll be very very impressed with Devaney.

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    Re: If Sanchez is a bluff, how far will the Rams go with it?

    Sanchez is a smoke screen. Whoever thinks we are actually going to draft Sanchez is a Bulger Hater.

    However, I won't mind trading the pick for a few more.

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    Re: If Sanchez is a bluff, how far will the Rams go with it?

    I know that Devaney & Spags say they're starting over and building a new team.

    With Bulger being 32 , by the time the rest of the team gets good he will be retiring or being cut. Why wouldn't the Rams trade Bulger for some draft picks and draft Sanchez.

    Kyle Boller has a 1 year deal.

    That would give Sanchez a year in the NFL to learn the Rams system. That would give the O-line time to jell.

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    Re: If Sanchez is a bluff, how far will the Rams go with it?

    I have been a Bulger fan for a long time and I still am. But I don't think that drafting a QB with our first pick is so crazy. Everyone seems to think that none of the OT's are really 2nd pick worthy and other than Curry, there is no real stand out pick. So with #2 why not pick a player that you usually devote a lot of money to anyway. Hopefully,Devaney and Co. are thinking a couple of years ahead. We need a tackle BAD but what is available next year. Is it a QB heavy class? Or is it an OT heavy class? I think you have to look a year or two ahead when you have to do as much rebuilding as we do.

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