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    If you REALLY want to get hypothetical...

    Marion Barber III is a Restricted Free Agent this offseason. I was mighty impressed with him today, and I wouldn't mind betting a few oother franchises were, too.

    Now, I'm going to postulate that the Cowboys will stick a high tender on him, meaning that if he's wanted elsewhere, a team will have to give up their number one draft selection.

    After watching the Seattle game yesterday, and noticing how inefective the offense was, I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a bid. Shaun Alexander gained just 20 rushing yards on a field where Ryan Grant gained 201ground yards on the same day. This, no doubt, contributed to the demise of the Seahawks offense, and their playoff chances. The Hawks only totalled 200 yards overall.

    So where this leaves me is that Dallas may have three fist round picks this April, at numbers 22, 24 and 29 (or thereabouts.) However, they'll be left with a huge hole at runningback with the second head of their RB monster, Julius Jones a free agent as well.

    Now, what do you do if you're a team with three first round picks? You find the best available players, or make the best available deal. For Dallas, that may come in the form of Darren McFadden. There's no guarantee that he'll slip past Miami, or Atlanta, or Oakland, and there's no way the Chiefs can land pick 3 due to the tiebreaker record in common games, so we Rams may find ourselves the most viable trade partner early in the draft.

    But that's crazy! Three fist round picks for one? Not entirely... Let's consult out friend the draft pick value chart.

    The chart gives values in points for each pick, from 1, 1, to 7, 32.

    Round 1, pick 2: 2600 Points.
    Round 1, Pick 22: 780 Points.
    Round 1, Pick 24: 740 Points.
    Round 1, Pick 29: 640 Points.

    780 + 740 + 640 = 2160.

    So in reality, we'd be losing out by some 440 points. Round 2, Pick 29 is valued at 292 points, if anyone would like to get greedy.

    So my question to you is this: If, by some one in a million chance that this happens, and a deal is offered, do you pull the strings?

    It means passing up a Chris Long or Vernon Gholston but you may be able to land a combination of Malcom Kelly, Sam Baker, Derrick Harvey, Calais Campbell, Godser Cherilus, DeSean Jackson and Michael Oher, to name a few.


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    Re: If you REALLY want to get hypothetical...

    hmmm. i like your thoughts.

    i for one think Chris Long, Vernon Gholston or Glenn Dorsey is our best choice. However, with this coming up, youre right. It COULD be a good pick. I think this could be a good option for us. im on the fence on this one though...

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    Re: If you REALLY want to get hypothetical...

    I like this idea. There are some big time players that will still be left on the board all the way through the second round.

    Even with the two 1st rd. picks Dallas already has, I would like to see a trade down. Imagine the possibility of 3-4 picks .........#22, #24, #29?, #33.

    Anyone know what the cap space is looking like for Dallas, They have some studs that are gonna want to be paid. Not a far fetched thought. It might be in their best interest to trade down for Mcfadden even if they don't really need him.

    A trade deal like this could really turn things around for the Rams.

    By the way, what do some of you think of Trindon Holiday, KR, LSU in the 7th round....He's small at 5'5 and under 200 lbs., but fast like you wouldn't believe. He was the 2nd fastest human in the country last year in the 100m.

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    Re: If you REALLY want to get hypothetical...

    I don't think Holiday is a senior. anyways great post and great idea

    22. DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
    24. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
    29. Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
    33. Josh Barrett, SS, Arizona State (allows us to reach)
    round 3 Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa (tall fast corner better than Lenny walls experiment)
    round 4 Cody Wallace, C, Texas A&M
    round 5 Kevin O'Connell, QB, San Diego State
    round 6 Jeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forrest
    round 6 Brandon Coutu, K, Georgia
    round 7 Nick Watkins, LB, Clemson

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    Re: If you REALLY want to get hypothetical...

    If it was offered, you definitely take it.

    However it will never be offered. One, Dallas will hang on to Marion Barber, likely by tagging him with the 1st/3rd round tender. More expensive, but they won't be resigning Julius Jones so they can afford it. They'll likely try to find a cheaper complimentary back to Barber and use that as their backfield, content with keeping their two first round picks.

    Besides, even if the Cowboys would somehow lose Barber and Jones, I'm not convinced this team is so desperate for a stud at RB that they'd trade away three first round picks for one player when there are a number of capable running backs in this class. If Dallas was watching the same Ryan Grant performance you did on Saturday, then they should know that you can find strong runners without spending multiple first round picks to get them.

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    Re: If you REALLY want to get hypothetical...

    Remember the last time the rams had 3 first round picks?

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