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Thread: If you were Andrew Luck...

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    If you were Andrew Luck...

    This is just a fun little game. nothing more, nothing less. Just something to speculate. And i know, it really doesn't have much to do with the rams, unless certain scenarios pan out. So here we go...

    Welcome to the 2011, the NFL draft is months away, but you know your going to be the #1 overall pick, and go to a team that(most likely) is in shambles, your name is Andrew Luck and you are the going to be the #1 pick. Congratulations.

    Right now, the teams that have the best chance to be picking #1 overall are:

    Miami Dolphins(0-5)
    Indianapolis Colts(0-6)
    St. Louis Rams(0-5)
    Denver Broncos(1-4)
    Jacksonville Jaguars(1-5)
    Arizona Cardinals(1-4)
    Minnesota Vikings(1-5)
    Carolina Panthers(1-5)
    Kansas City Chiefs(2-3)
    Cleveland Browns(2-3)
    Seattle Seahawks(2-3)
    Dallas Cowboys(2-3)
    Philadelphia Eagles(2-3)

    For sake of the argument, i am going to take out the Eagles and Cowboys, because i can easily see them winning a few games(not talking about the boys vs rams this week)

    So that makes 11 teams possibly picking #1.

    Now personally i dont see the Rams, Jaguars, Vikings, Panthers or Cardinals taking Luck with the first pick, but trading it instead. They all in the last year or two have drafted there franchise QB in the 1st round of the nfl draft(exception made for Kolb who got a rediculous contract for showing nothing).

    So out of the possible 11 there are 5 teams who would most likely trade luck away, and 6 teams that would pick him up to play for them.

    Who do you want to fail so bad that they get you? And if its a team that already has a Qb, who do you want to trade a treasure chest of draft picks to acquire you?

    Ultimately, you will either be selected by, or traded to the following teams:

    Miami Dolphins
    Indianapolis Colts
    Denver Broncos
    Seattle Seahawks
    Cleveland Browns
    Kansas City Chiefs

    Which of these teams would you play for and hope fails bad enough to pick you? And if it was a team you didnt want to play for, would you pull an Eli Manning?

    Remember, your Andrew Luck, tell me what you want.

    Heres how id look at it......

    -OMG, the Colts want me?????? YAAAAAAAAY!! id want to end up playing for the Colts. Sit on the bench for a couple years, learn from one of the best qb's ever. This would also allow a few years of drafting young key players to come in before i step in to lead the team. The colts could draft some new receivesr, offensive linemen etc, all while i watch and learn from the legend that is P. Manning.

    -I wouldnt mind going to the Dolphins since they got Jake Long who could protect me for the next 10 years, i could throw to Brandon Marshall, but besides that id be working with a brand new coach, and a team that really sucks to be honest. Id hope to be the next Marino, but with what i have to work with, im screwed.

    -Broncos could be nice, Elway is there making decisions, and hes a legend. Unfortunatly we got John Fox running the team, and he wants to run the ball with runningbacks that kinda suck. Oh, and they dont have any truly good wr's since they shipped that Lloyd guy away for a 6th round pick(dumbasses). And of course, every game im gonna have to hear chants from the crowd yelling "TEBOW!!TEBOW!!". Meh, not my cup of tea.

    -....The Seattle Seahawks want me....yay.........At least i could throw it to Sidney Rice when hes not injured. (please oh please win a lot of games, i really dont like that neon green color, it so ugly).

    -I could play for the Brown, nice long history, great fan base, i could do this i can dink and dunk all day baby!!!!!!!

    -Hmmmm, well its certain Haley will be gone, so who is going to be the coach? Bowe stay please!!!!!!!!! this could be worse, i could be in Seattle..oh, and Montana came here, i can live with this. Wait, this isnt the kansas city rams? dangit you conned me!!!!!

    So yea, like i said, this is just for fun and laughs and whatnot.

    So what would you want if you were Luck?

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    Re: If you were Andrew Luck...

    Out of the crew of 6 teams you allow as candidates, if I were luck I'd want to go to the Seahags, no ifs ands or buts.

    Miami Dolphins - you said it.
    Indianapolis Colts - dynasty is dying, and the OP's own description identifies a team that needs to rebuild. Problem is, they haven't even started yet. Being blamed for their downfall doesn't sound cherry, nor does being compared to Manning for my entire career sound like a great time. Pass! (pun intended).
    Denver Broncos - not bad of a choice; Tebow doesn't scare me and I'll have no problem taking his job from him. Far as I care, line him up as my half back and give him a Ladainian-esque pass attempt every once in a while. Other than that, he can come in as my replacement when i get hurt. Good city, good fans. Sure.
    Seattle Seahawks - started rebuilding already, got a very charismatic coach, and fans that are loud and loyal in a division ripe for the taking. All Sidney Rice has is a hurt Tarvaris? Geez, I'll be worshiped as a god there and as the rookie hero who takes the team to the playoffs my first year. Colors be damned, Count me in!
    Cleveland Browns - has failed their long overdue rebuild, but i love the tradition. Fans are loyal to the team, but not so nice to their players if they remotely underperform.... hmmmm, I could do worse. I'd say Browns are tied with Broncos in allure, but I could really use something better than Massaquoi as my #1 wr.
    Kansas City Chiefs - This team is all over the map isn't it? There's some talent there, but if they grab me, they'll still need a viable rb and a viable wr. I like Battle and Breaston, but I just don't think Jones and McCluster are what I'll need to get myself to the pro bowl, much less playoffs. But hey, the team is 3-3 with Cassel, so what the hay, make Cassel my backup so I've got some experience to lean on and I'm good to go. Chiefs are my 2nd choice, just above Broncos and Browns.

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    Re: If you were Andrew Luck...

    nice analysis. Seattle does seem like a good fit, maybe its my biased hatred for the seachickens that make me think Luck wouldnt like em the same lol.
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