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Thread: Impact Players ..

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    Impact Players ..

    There have been umpteen arguments on this board over which positions merit “impact” status on both sides of the ball. Is there really a position other than QB that has more impact than another? I would venture that the offensive line is the most ignored/undervalued group of players. Why? Because they don’t score many touchdowns, sack opposing QBs, or make interceptions. They are not considered game changers other than in the negative sense - false starts, holding, tripping, etc. All they are required to do, is open a hole here and there and keep their quarterback upright. When an O-lineman is performing his job well, not much is said, conversely if he isn’t, that’s when he gets some press.

    Have any of you watched a Ram game where just one more first down out of our offense would very possibly have been the difference between a win and a loss? I know I have - too many times. Whether it is third and one, or third and nine, there are 5 offensive players who initially are the most critical, “impactful players” at the snap. Run or pass, those five guys are key to success or failure. Each and every one of them individually and as a group are critical to the offense gaining that first down - or not .. Remember Alex (FS) Barron? An impact player for sure. Just not for the Rams ..

    Why is football considered by most to be the ultimate “team” sport? Because it only takes one guy (on O or D) to screw up a play. A simple false start wipes out a touchdown. An unnecessary defensive hold call can give an offense four more downs. There are so many ways on either side of the ball to negatively “impact” a play.

    Sammy Watkins is most likely considered an impact player - right? He’ll certainly score more touchdowns and receive more press than say - Jake Matthews. Does that make him more impactful? From a highlight reel perspective, Sammy could be correctly labeled a “higher profile” player because of the position he plays, but not more impactful. In order for Sammy to get down field and haul in that td catch, there must be five “impactful” players giving Sammy and his quarterback the time required to complete the play successfully. Each and every position on the offensive line is critical - add to that those five guys must play as a single unit. I much prefer “high profile” to “impact” player.

    I can just imagine Jeff Fisher during practice yell out: All right - all you “impact” players gather over here - the rest of you (chopped liver) over there. It’s a TEAM SPORT! If and when the Rams select Jake Matthews or Greg Robinson with their first pick, please don't say we should have drafted an "impact player".

    Rant completed ..
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    Re: Impact Players ..

    There is no question the big boys are impact players, more in likely the best choice. The thing is when you have a pick that high, OL is not a sexy pick. Your heart wants the stud QB or Monster DE/DT, The next Calvin Johnson something that will have a lot of flash. When its the OL though, the feeling is like really, really? An offensive lineman? With the 2nd overall pick???? In the season though when Sam is having time to find his guys, and Zack actually has a hole to run though you are happy with the pick, but at the moment leaves a bland taste in the mouth of drama. All are impact, but Flash is fun. It'll be disappointing excitement wise but we will be a better team, maybe way better for it.

    That said I still would be woo hooing if Watkins was picked :-) Sorry can't resist :-)

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    Re: Impact Players ..

    People are very quick to label pass rushers as impact players. So what do you call the people who block and neutralize those pass rushers? Answer: impact players.
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    Re: Impact Players ..

    OL is not a sexy pick.
    If football was sexy, the cheerleaders would be ON the field. I want impact players, and YES (nice job, Maui) the OL are very much impact players.

    Maui, if I knew how Nick does that Orson Welles clapping video thing, I'd do that now.
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    Re: Impact Players ..

    Long, Saffold, Wells, Robinson, Barksdale. That's some serious impacting going on right there....
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