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My point was, if we think the "experts" are a bunch of idiots, why would NFL teams take their word for it? The teams will base their players on needs and what they perceive to be good or not, not what the experts say. Again...I just think anything is possible and I doubt a team would look at an expert's opinion on ESPN.com, and say, "Well, we better not trade down to get our player because he's probably not as good as we think he is. Mayock said so."

You aren't getting my point either. I understand that the Rams should take the best player available according to their specifications, they have to. However, my point is that this draft is very bad. There's Curry, then there's bang/bust potential literally the rest of the way down. Yes, I even see my boy Orakpo as having just as much bust potential as having bang potential. Mayock isn't the only one that's saying this draft is weak. There are many proverbial "scout wishing not to be named" saying that this draft doesn't have quite the talent as others. C'mon Stafford the best qB in the draft? Sanchez, who really only played one year also? Those two wouldn't even have joined the conversation when Eli and Phillip came out.

You can believe what you want, but this draft isn't anything to be excited about.