I know it's time for a million mock drafts now because we are less than a month away , and i look forward to it so much because we all seem to put a lot more sweat , energy and hope into our drafts because they mean something to us as RAMS fans .

I don't feel that way about these draft guru's and beat writers all the time .
It seems that maybe the first round seems to be on everyones mind and maybe even round 2 , but i get so tired time after time reading the same exact write-up and player explaination and putting the same players on the same teams just like clockwork . It's like they just take a list and just slide in someone that plays the position and not a player of use if you know what i mean .

example: the RAMS need a speed guy to stretch the field , insert MARIO MANNINGHAM . They have to pick a WR in the second , THATS THE RULE this year . if the RAMS look for a WR in the 4th or 5th or even 6th round , the fans will be going nuts.

i just hate the plug in a player mock draft where it seems the teams needs take a backseat to the writers whims .