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    Jake Scott as possible OL help?

    Per Rotoworld.

    Seeking more than the veteran minimum, free agent OG Jake Scott has turned down several offers from teams throughout the offseason and training camp.
    "I'm not angry," said Scott. "This is my decision. It is a business and it is my decision not to be on a team right now." Scott started 121 consecutive games through 2011 and graded out as a top-10 guard by Pro Football Focus last season. Titans RG Leroy Harris, his replacement, was yanked late in the opener in favor of Kevin Matthews.
    Granted i know no more about this guy than what your reading right here, but he's a starting caliber offensive lineman and he's available.

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    Re: Jake Scott as possible OL help?

    After spending his first four seasons in Indianapolis protecting Peyton Manning, Jake Scott joined the Tennessee Titans in 2008.

    He started every game of the last four seasons for the Titans.

    As of now, Jake Scott is searching for a place to play his ninth season. He visited a couple of teams early in free agency, but he didn't land a contract.

    I like what your thinking here.

    I don't imagine the Rams making the playoffs, but I'd like to imagine them protecting Bradford.......this, if enough money is available, seems to be an interesting move.

    I am curious if he is in shape enough though at this point.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: Jake Scott as possible OL help?

    Hmm, four years starting for the Titans, I can't seem to remember who his coach would have been for three of those years...

    Seems like a natural fit, however I have no idea how our cap situation stands, but God knows another experienced body on the o line would be nothing short of a miracle.

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    Re: Jake Scott as possible OL help?

    My question is why didn't we try to land him a while ago?!? At worst he would give us solid depth.

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    Re: Jake Scott as possible OL help?

    It's an interesting situation. Quoting from the Ross Tucker article in which the Scott quotes come from...

    Scott has not received any offers befitting a player with his resume and as such has elected to sit out at this point rather than signing a minimum deal. So, what did he think about watching the games on TV from the comforts of his own home like the rest of us?
    It sounds like the entire NFL and Scott have differing opinions on what he's worth. He may be standing firm on wanting a bigger deal than anyone in the league is willing to give him.

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