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    Top Three Offensive Tackles

    JammalBown -Strengths: Is an experienced OT prospect with the potential to play LOT in the NFL. His strength is in pass protection. He has just adequate height and bulk, but he has longer arms and is very powerful. He has great quickness in his pass pro set. Stays balanced and shows very good body control when he works at it. Has excellent lateral movement skills. Is rarely beat by pure speed and shows the ability to mirror and slide versus the double move when he plays with leverage. He does a very good job in terms of hand placement and he has a jarring punch. His run blocking skills must improve, but he does have good initial quickness and is able to consistently get in position on reach blocks. He has very good initial power and has the potential to develop into an efficient run blocker in the NFL if he becomes more physical and aggressive.

    Weaknesses: Has the athleticism to play LOT but lacks experience at that position. He keeps getting bigger and stronger, but he does not have ideal bulk and he has just adequate height for an elite OT prospect. He is powerful, but does not have the massive frame to simply engulf smaller defensive ends in the NFL. Isnt nearly as physical or aggressive as he needs to be. Seems like hes going through the motions some times. Is athletic but will get lazy sometimes in pass protection and will get caught overextending versus the double move. Doesnt finish as well as he should as a run blocker. He also has some durability concerns.

    Overview: Brown was a partial qualifier who was cleared by the NCAA as a true freshman but wound up redshirting in 2000 because of a knee injury anyway. He played as a reserve right tackle as a redshirt freshman in 01 before taking over as a fulltime starter at right tackle as a sophomore in 02. Brown has been a fulltime starter and first team All-Big 12 the past three seasons (02-04). Brown doesnt have elite size but he keeps getting bigger and stronger. He has excellent feet and good overall athletic ability, which is why he shows the potential to start at the LOT position in the NFL. Brown has had his best season as a senior in 04 and hes become a more technically sound and complete player. But despite his natural ability and success on the collegiate level, Brown could drop to the bottom of the first or the top of the second round due to concerns about his overall toughness and aggressiveness. Similar to Kenyatta Walker (Buccaneers 1st round pick in 2001), theres a chance that Brown never reaches his potential in the NFL because he isnt the hardest worker or the most physical player  thats why hes a big risk-and-reward prospect.
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    Alex Barron

    Strengths: Has tremendous upside because of his rare combination of size and athleticism. Has exceptional height and wingspan, and good bulk for his frame. He shows a quick set in pass protection. Rarely gets beat around the edge with pure speed. Shows balance and will rarely get caught on his heels. Really shuffles his feet well and stays under control in pass pro. Has long arms and does a very good job of forcing a wide arc from edge rushers. He is mammoth in the running game. Needs to be more physical and technically sound, but he is quick and has the feet to consistently get in position, and when he is in position he can simply engulf smaller defenders.

    Weaknesses: Is still an unpolished player that lacks ideal game-experience for such a highly rated prospect. He is very athletic, but wont look it when he comes out of his stance high and plays too erect. He doesnt always take great angles and will do a poor job at times with his first step. He still needs to improve his hand-placement and overall awareness in pass pro. He is massive and has good overall strength, but still needs to play with more consistent leverage when anchoring and also needs to improve his upper body power. If he can get stronger up top and start jarring defenders with his hand punch, he can be dangerous as a pass blocking LOT in the NFL. He also has had some durability problems (knee and hand) in the past.

    Overview: Barron redshirted in 2000 due to a torn ACL in his right knee. He saw limited time as a redshirt freshman in 01 due to a hand injury. He started five games as a sophomore in 02 and finally had a breakout season as a fulltime starter in his 03 junior season. Barron obviously had some injuries that thwarted his growth early on and he is not the most polished offensive tackle prospect in the 05 draft class. He also lacks a little bit of a mean streak and will need to become a more aggressive player in the NFL. However, he had his strongest season as a senior in 04 and his combination of size and athletic ability gives him the most upside of any senior OT in this draft class. Barron should be a mid-first round draft pick, and if he pushes himself at the next level he could develop into a perennial Pro Bowl LOT.
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    Marcus Johnson

    Strengths: Has terrific size and the frame to continue to get bigger. Shows good initial quickness for his size. Plays with leverage and fires off the ball low for such a tall offensive lineman. He has the size to engulf most DL if he gets in position. He lays with good toughness and is a feisty blocker that will work to finish. He is an experienced and durable player with very good savvy and awareness. He has adequate quickness in his pass pro set. Is extremely difficult to get around in the short area because of his size and wingspan. He plays with good balance and body control in pass pro. He has long arms and shows good hand placement. If his upper body strength improves he can really become dominant after he locks on.

    Weaknesses: Has very minimal experience at OT position. Has improved his strength but its still not ideal. Must especially improve his lower body strength. He can engulf defenders but doesnt show enough explosive initial pop or power. He has adequate quickness in the short area, but hes not a great athlete. Will struggle at times in space as a reach blocker. Will he be able to hold up on an island against NFL pass rushers if he moves outside to ROT at the next level?

    Overview: Johnson redshirted in 2000 and played in a rotation at right guard as a redshirt freshman in 01 before taking over as a fulltime starting right guard in his 02 sophomore season. Johnson finished his career at Ole Miss as a four-year fulltime starter with 48-consecutive starts to his credit. He spent some time at OT because of injuries in 2004 but he spent the majority of his collegiate career at right guard. Johnson has impressive feet and power for his size. He is coming off his most complete season and really improved his draft value as a senior. The big question now is whether or not Johnson can make the transition to tackle in the NFL, which would help to improve his stock even more. At the very least, Johnson is a solid late-second or third round guard prospect. However, if he proves capable of moving to ROT during post-season workouts and/or an all-star game (much like Vernon Carey (Dolphins) did last year, Johnson could solidify a spot even earlier in the second round.


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