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Thread: Jay Cutler

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    Hodgins Guest

    Re: Jay Cutler

    I dont see why people are so high on jay cutler, he has terrible mechanics and poor accuracy for a guy being hyped as a franchise qb

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    RamJackson39 Guest

    Re: Jay Cutler

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel
    Nick, what did we give up to go from 11 to 4 to acquire The Head of the Hawk? Call me crazy, but if i gave up a #4 this year and a #2 in 2007 is that too much? If the hawk is truly the impact linebacker that many believe that he can be (me included), i think he is worth it.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    I would not make that trade. Instead, I would go another route. Draft Ryans and Roach, Ryans and Hodge, Greenway and Hodge, or Greenway and Roach. With any of those selections, you will get GREAT production. I think Roach is going to be a solid MLB, and he will be available in the 3rd-4th round. If Ryans is playing beside him, he'll probably put up even better production. I dont see the point of trading up when you can get 1 of two great LBs and 1 of two VERY good MLBs later on.

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    da playa Guest

    Re: Jay Cutler

    he is definitely a boom or bust guy

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    rampete Guest

    Re: Jay Cutler

    to move up from #11 to #4 would require an additional rams 2nd rounder and 4th...

    #4 value 1800

    #11 value 1250
    #43 value 470
    #107 value 80

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