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    JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    Here are some Highlight vids of some players in the draft this year.

    Jimmy Williams

    Michael Huff: I'm starting to like him more and more

    Devin Hester

    Vernon Davis: Interview plus Combine footage
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    Re: JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    It's a shame the Jimmy Williams video only shows three plays. He had an off season, but I'm sure there are other highlights from this year and previous years that could have been put in there. Williams shows good eyes for the ball by being able to jump that out route (or was it a comeback? eh it's irrelevant), and the hit he laid on the ball carrier near the sideline was, as the video implies, impressive. Also, you have to like the recovery speed he displayed closing the distance on that runback.

    Huff's video made me feel even better about him as a tackler. He took good angles to the ball, broke through traffic to get to the ball carrier, and consistently wrapped up and brought players down. He was also effective tracking the ball through the air, leaping to the ball to make the play, anticipating the ball and jumping routes, as well as blitzing the passer. He is your all-around package at safety.

    As for Hester, I've seen that punt return before. It is, in one word, RIDICULOUS. The problem is, no one's questioning the kid's athleticism or speed, which is what you see in the video. The big question is whether Hester has a position to play in professional football, and how long it's going to take before he can play it. Is he a wide receiver? Is he a defensive back? Is he even a running back? Who knows. It's a shame really, because had he spent his time in college at one position and developed the technique and experience there, he's probably a mid first rounder if not better.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

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    Re: JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    Thanks for the highlight vids RF16. Loved the Huff and Hester video. Looks like you may be jumping on the Huff bandwagon also

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    Re: JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    Impressed with the huff vid, but then again hes been my number choice for quite a while.

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    Re: JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16
    Michael Huff: I'm starting to like him more and more
    Welcome to the bandwagon,I saved you a seat

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    Re: JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    Sweet!!! Wait guys! I gotta grab a pillow or something this seats are hard as rocks and the road is bumpy!

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    Re: JDUB , Huff, others highlight vids

    Wow, what a God Huff would be on the Rams. Damn, we gotta get this guy!!
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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