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    Jeff Fisher's Draft History

    Let me start with two caveats:

    1. Fisher was not solely responsible for the players selected by his teams, and
    2. Past practices are not necessarily indicative of future outcomes.

    With that said, here is a list of the positions that Jeff Fisher teams have used their first round picks on:

    DE (4): Henry Ford (1994), Kenny Holmes (1997), Jevon Kearse (1999), Derrick Morgan (2010)
    DT (2): Albert Haynesworth (2002), Michael Brockers (2012)
    CB (2) Andre Woolfork (2003), Adam "Pac Man" Jones (2005)
    QB (2): Steve McNair (1995), Vince Young (2006)
    WR (2): Kevin Dyson (1998), Kenny Britt (2009)
    RB (2): Eddie George (1996), Chris Johnson (2008)
    Traded Pick (2): 2001, 2004
    LB (1): Keith Bulluck (2000)
    S (1): Michael Griffin (2007)

    A few observations...

    No OL (as many have previously noted) or TE.

    General preference for defense (10) over offense (6), but not overwhelming.

    Fairly high percentage of players who had (or are having) successful NFL careers.

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    Re: Jeff Fisher's Draft History

    Interesting example. With our glaring needs on the OL it is hard to imagine JF being so dogmatic about the past that he would bypass a solid candidate, but stranger things have happened. I get the sense this is not a particularly strong draft for OT's, after Joekel and Lewan (assuming he declares), but we'll need a RT so that could alter the selection process anyway. Having said all this, Les Snead will have input on the decision too. As I think about it I don't recall Atlanta drafting too many OL high either other than Sam (forgot his last name) the kid from USC.

    Go Rams!

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    Jeff Fisher's Draft History

    Sam Baker is the OL you a referring to...

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