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    Jeff Fishers draft history so far.?

    It originally came from Yardmarker, written by Dave Stoessel. Im sure Fisher had some input over the years, but Im not clear of how much.?

    Jeff Fisher's hits, round by round, from 1995-2010:

    1st Round: QB Steve McNair(1995), RB Eddie George(1996), DE Kenny Holmes(1997), WR Kevin Dyson(1998), DE Jevon Kearse(1999), LB Keith Bullock(2000), DT Albert Haynesworth(2002), S Michael Griffin(2007), RB Chris Johnson(2008), WR Kenny Britt(2009).

    2nd Round: CB Samari Rolle(1998), DT John Thornton(1999), CB Anre Dyson(2001), S Tank Williams(2002), DE Travis LaBoy(2004), DE Antwan Odom(2004), T Michael Roos(2005), RB Lendale White(2006), DT Jason Jones(2008).

    3rd Round: WR Chris Sanders(1995), CB Denard Walker(1997), T Zach Pillar(1999), RB Chris Brown(2003), DT Randy Starks(2004), WR Damian Williams(2010).

    4th Round: OT Jon Runyan(1996), WR Derrick Mason(1997), LB Peter Sirmon(2000), WR Justin McCariens(2001), DB Vincent Fuller(2005), T David Stewart(2005), LB Stephen Tulloch(2006), C Leroy Harris(2007), LB Gerald McGrath(2009), DB Alterraun Verner(2010).

    5th Round: DT Gary Walker(1995), G Benji Olsen(1998), DB Donnie Nickey(2003), G Jacob Bell(2004), RB Javon Ringer(2009).

    6th Round: DE Robaire Smith(2000), G Justin Hartwig(2004), TE Bo Scaife(2005), DB Jason Mccourty(2009).

    7th Round: C Kevin Long(1998), DE Carlos Hall(2002), C Eugene Amano(2004), CB Reynaldo Hill(2005), CB Courtland Finnegan(2006).

    The Misses:

    1st Round: CB Andre Wolfork(2003), CB Adam Jones(2005), QB Vince Young(2006), DE Derrick Morgan(2010).

    2nd round: DE Anthony Cook(1995), DE Bryant Mix(1996), T Jason Layman(1996), WR Joey Kent(1997), WR Tyrone Calico(2003), TE Ben Troupe(2004), RB Chris Henry(2007), DT SenDerrick Marks(2009).

    3rd Round:RB Rodney Thomas(1995), CB Torey Hunter(1995), LB Terry Killens(1996), T Scott Sanderson(1997), S Dainon Sydney(1998), TE Erron Kinney(2000), DE Byron Frisch(2000), TE Shad Meier(2001), LB Rocky Calmus(2002), CB Rich Gardener(2004), WR Courney Roby(2005), WR Brandon Jones(2005), WR Paul Williams(2007), TE Craig Stevens(2008), TE Jared Cook(2009), DB Ryan Mouten (2009), LB Rennie Curran(2010).

    I hope he can do a better job, finding some star power in St Louis, than he did in Tennesee? But he still did a very admirable job at Tennesee, considering the lack of stars in his teams.
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    Re: Jeff Fishers draft history so far.?

    Its been defense or offensive playmaker in the 1st every time for Fisher....not looking good for Kalil

    Also only 1 OL taken in the 2nd and 3rd rounds respectively in Fisher's tenure

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    Re: Jeff Fishers draft history so far.?

    Jared Cook a miss? Hes becoming a monster. Craig Stevens is an excellent blocker too. Derrick Morgan a miss? He's barely played, missed his rookie season due to injury.

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    Re: Jeff Fishers draft history so far.?

    Courtney roby has been a solid return man for years now. Also Chris Henry had 2 solid seasons before I believe tearing his knee.??? Then given all of Adam jones off the field news, throughout his career has had a mediocre success. He's not going to hurt your ball club is what I'm saying.

    Overall fisher has def found great linebackers and lineman late in drafts and that's what we need.

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